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Essay My Favorite Pet Dog

Three Day Diet Analysis Homework Help

❶Eat and drink as you normally would.

homework help three day diet analysis

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How Does Doing Homework Help You Essay My Favorite Pet Dog

What foods should be eliminated or added? Use textbook as a reference. Evaluate your mineral intake. If you are under the target intake, identify specific foods that you might include and actually eat!

Use your textbook as a reference. Even if targets are met, you must comment on calcium, potassium and sodium intakes. How can you improve your diet? Evaluate your vitamin intake. Calculate the ratio of your intake to the target. Make a statement of adequacy if you are within all recommendations.

What specific foods give me 3 specific food items that would boost intake of the nutrient. Again, if there are possible toxicity effects, point those out. Are you taking any nutrient or herbal supplement? If yes, please list with amounts, and explain why you take them. If no, considering your intake analysis, do you feel supplementation is warranted? If so, from which supplements in particular might you benefit?

What is your fluid intake on average? How much plain water do you usually drink? How much soda, milk, fruit juice, etc. All these fluids contribute to your fluid intake. Comment on your average daily fluid intake and compare your intake with the recommendation check out your textbook. Evaluate the nutritional quality of the type fluids you consume. Discuss two best nutritional aspects of your diet. Your essay must connect your aspect to health benefits. Provide DATA to support this.

Discuss two areas of weakness in your diet and provide two specific dietary modifications you could implement to improve your diet. Where are your weaknesses and how can you improve on those short comings? This is your chance to identify and correct any shortcomings in your diet. This is an in depth look at your diet. You cannot adequately answer all these questions in two-pages and earn full credit.

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3-day diet analysis assignment This assignment is designed to give you helpful information and insight about your dietary behaviors and food intake. You will complete this assignment in two phases%(1).

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