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Essay/Term paper: Personal essay: look before you leap

Essay, term paper, research paper: Personal Essays

❶The Persian monarch Xerxes, rashly enough, ordered an expedition to conquer Greece.

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But rarely, some business person gets some loss and no one in business would think of lending money without security to a sharper he knew nothing about, and. They should always enquire to that person, who came for join the work at the management work, so it is important to take a previous inquiry of the new staff. The affection and trust should be lavished on others without previous inquiry into their worthiness.

In the business manner, the business person should always aware for taking to other for partnership, because without investigating about the person, who are join the partnership can destroy the all hard work, which is done by the business person.

So, it is necessary to check and inspect the book of partners, who are going to join the partnership in the business. Those people are going to invest the money for buying a partnership in a business without inspecting the books, and making the fullest investigation into the way in which the business was conducted, and its prospects of extension and profit, so it can be hard for the business person to maintain again.

It is very important for that person, who are making all decision without understanding anything, so they have to be a more intelligent for themselves because there are number of people are ready for taking the advantage of that type of people.

There is some principle applies to all departments of thought. The people must be the intelligent, who accepts ready-made opinions on politics, religion or philosophy. The patriot person must feel that it is his duty to consider for himself without prejudice what state policy he should support. The person has to follow some principle for their betterment of the future and they should always take the best opinion of the elders and their parents and it can help to them for taking a proper decision.

There are two questions of absorbing interest to him, the rules by which this life should be lived and what is to happen after death. Victor Frankenstein provides an excellent example of how not to make decisions. This man ran headstrong into every decision he had to make, without at any point stopping to think about what he was doing. He shows us his lack of regard toward the responsibility he clearly had as the creator of the monster.

He then exacerbates his error by abandoning his creation, like the teenage mother who, upon discovering her inability to care for her child, leaves it to fend for itself.

Had Victor taken the time to contemplate his actions, he surely would have not created his monster, and he, William, Elizabeth and the rest of his family would have lived in peace. It is pretty basic knowledge that Albert Einstein worked with the scientists of the Los Alamos National Laboratory to facilitate the splitting of the atom, and consequently the development of the atomic bomb and the modern nuclear weapon.

What is lesser known is that Einstein realized the result of his possibly misguided actions and immediately began to attempt to ensure that his research not be used. He campaigned within the scientific community, and begged the President not to misuse everything he had spent his life coming up with. In the end, however, 90, people died and , people were injured when the first two atomic weapons were released on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As it was, he lived his life feeling guilty about the loss of life that he felt was his fault. When it was time to leave, and I had to get up, my foot hurt even worse than it did when I landed on it. We decided to go to the emergency room, where I discovered that I had broken my ankle.

If only I had "looked before I leaped," I would not have broken my ankle. Never again will I do anything without focusing on it first, whether it is physical or mental.

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“Look before you leap” is a maxim which can be applied in every sphere of life. The folly of the man who makes friends without observing their characteristics, or enquiring into their past lives, cannot be too strongly condemned.

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This essay is on an old Idiom “Look before you leap” which means acting without prior thinking will lead us into endless trouble. It is always better to look before you leap or else there is a great danger of falling into a ditch. To act without prior thinking will lead us into endless trouble.

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LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP ESSAY Tapiwa had served his employer faithfully for fifteen years. He had joined the company at the age of twenty and thrived to excel in every task that was given to him. The company rewarded him handsomely. Look Before You Leap Essay A Day in the Life It’s Early Morning, Well Before the Eyelids of the Day Have Opened. a Familiar Noise I’ve Heard Many Times Before, Brings My Mind Out of Its Unconsciousness and Back Into the Real World.

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It is pretty basic knowledge that Albert Einstein worked with the scientists of the Los Alamos National Laboratory to facilitate the splitting of the atom, and consequently the development of the atomic bomb and the modern nuclear weapon. Feb 13,  · 4. Look Before You Leap Essay Before and After Stroke - Words. a stroke, which left her with serious aphasia, and struggling to regain her quality of life. Before her stroke she was an actress, a cook, and very athletic. In her youth she and a friend had gone down the whole Mississippi river on a raft they had made.