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23 Perfect Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper Tearing

❶Make way for the non-destructive straw missile! Press the wet filter between two paper towels to squeeze off excess liquid, then gently unfold it and set on a protected surface to dry.

Colorful Cardboard Zoo Animals

Perfect star with one cut? Yes!
#1. Colourful Paper Lanterns
53 Awesome Kids Paper Crafts To Try Today!

So lovely to have you back again. I hope that if you made anything with your grandchildren that they were delighted with the results. You have a great day today, too. This is going to be gem for me Ias we have two of our grandchildren staying even though they go home tomorrow evening if it stays rainy I'll will be giving some of your suggestions a go and I am saving this wonderful hub.

My daughter loves your pink basket and is going to give it a try. Thank you for sharing the fun ideas! Voted up and interesting! BlossomSB, I remember doing this when I was a child. It was great fun. Lanterns are fun, the paper weave is a bit more of a challenge for tiny fingers, but with help little ones can take great pleasure in creating these patterns.

They are fun and a they provide a great opportunity for sharing and togetherness in the enjoyment of creating. Sometimes the simplest projects can be the most fun. Voted Up and Shared. A beautiful article Blossom, that has bought back some lovely memories for me - I haven't made a paper lantern for many years - I have made stars and snowflakes with the grandchildren, next time it will be lanterns and paper weave! This brought back memories of making paper snowflakes as a child.

What fun we had.. Thank you for your comments. I hope you have lots of fun with your grandchildren, they are such a blessing. Those snowflakes at school and then trying them out again at home were such fun and appealed to us as kids because it was something that we could do again and again and each effort would be different. Very creative ideas for children!

I remember making snowflakes in school. I used to always enjoy that! I remember making snowflakes as a child with paper in this manner. My grandchildren will love making these. In His Love, Faith Reaper. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, feltmagnet. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Fine Motor Skill Development Simple paper crafts are great for kids. Even white paper will do, but there is such a variety available of plain coloured, patterned and paper impregnated with sparkles and other attractive additions, that it is a good idea to see which would be suitable for the project you have in mind for the children.

They do need to be sharp, as blunt scissors can be very frustrating for children. If the kids are not used to handling scissors, some safety rules while they are being used would be helpful. Make sure the scissors are not the pointy kind, but have rounded ends to the blades, as these are safer.

Finally, if working with a group, make sure that if there are any left-handed kids you have left-handed scissors available for them, otherwise cutting can become difficult and laborious for those children. A ruler and pencil are often useful for measuring for more advanced, but still relatively simple paper crafts.

Some child-safe glue, a small stapler and a reel of sticky-tape are useful, depending on your preference. Some projects need to be held together. Also, when kid's efforts go wrong, sometimes some glue or sticky-tape can save disappointment. Paper Tearing The simplest paper craft for kids is paper tearing. Fold a square of paper in half diagonally; crease the line firmly; cut along this line to make a triangle.

Fold the triangle in half. Fold again evenly in thirds, folding one small triangle so it is turning back and one folding forward. Tear little pieces out along the edges and even in the centre. Unfold and you have a butterfly. You can paint with a little glue and add glitter for extra fun. This can be made in the same way as the butterfly, except that after the first fold you do not cut the paper. Either a square or rectangle of paper can be used.

Fold the paper in squares or rectangles. The number of folds you or the children make will depend on how easy the paper is to tear. Try it first, so you do not make it too difficult for the kids. If you use plain paper, the children could draw or paint on the paper first. Unfold and you have a table-mat for a special occasion or a special guest for dinner. Table-mats can also be made by cutting with a pair of scissors, instead of tearing.

Paper Crafts Using Scissors There is quite a range of articles that can be made using just paper, a pair of scissors a ruler and pencil. Fold a fairly strong piece of paper in half. Rule two lines along it about 6 cm apart and about 18 cm long. Draw a wavy line along each end, finishing in a half-circle decoration as in the photograph. Cut around this shape. Separate the two pieces.

Find the how-to here. For more easy garland ideas, click here. This activity is all about cheery watercolor and the perfection of imperfection. Okay, so this craft is less crafting-with-paper and more make-your-own-paper. Great when you need a quick prop for pretend play or a special accessory for that dinosaur party.

For 9 more dinosaur activities for kids, click here. This activity may need a bit more effort and time but we think the creative result is worth it. Your budding architects will get a kick out of creating their own paper town. Just craft up your own silly, glamorous, and colorful glasses for a playful good time. For easy animal mask ideas for kids, click here. For more awesome shadow puppets click here to discover 3 easy shadow puppets you can make with just your hands.

This is a great way to use up old newspapers—and your little miss can go wild with whatever flowery, feathery toppers she wants. For more fun and easy hat craft ideas for kids, click here.

This idea from Babble Dabble Do is one part science lesson, one part paper project, and totally amazing. It involves paper flowers that expand in water—mimicking the real-life natural phenomenon. Which paper craft are you excited to try? Share with us in the comment section below! Origami Paper Crafts for Kids. Well, this paper craft colourful caterpillar activity will help!

Before th e foray of smartphones and digital cameras, the age-old film camera is what we used to store memories — and very selectively as well! How about using the art of origami to craft a toy camera with your child?

It even goes klachak every time you click! Get ready for this fun origami paper camera activity! Have a small gift to give to someone? How about a unique box to wrap it in? Make an origami paper gift box! Try this interesting Christmas decoration craft activity with your little one! How about engaging your little one with a creative Christmas activity to ring in the season?

Easy Christmas decoration Santa hat activity for your little ones! Well, science behind leaves is for later. Paper crafts are always fun and can even teach your kids a thing or two about science! Like this amazing paper craft rocket launcher. We assure you, this activity will hardly take a couple of minutes for you to create!

All you need is paper, a pair of scissors and a straw! Paper pleating is something kids thoroughly enjoy! The fan is sure to come in handy during summer.

Tell your kids stories about kite flying and the kite competitions you took part in during your childhood. Make this colour paper kite and have a blast with fun storytelling! You can also create the same by recycling plastic bags! Do the rain dance and engage with fine paper pleating. All you need is yarn, paper and sketch pens for this creative paper craft idea!

Design colourful concentric patterns and spin it to watch a magical show! Watch as colours burst out from the spinner! Your kids will love this — and so will adults! Use the cool art of paper folding to pleat a miniature umbrella to take for a mini monsoon trip!

All you need for this activity is coloured craft paper and toothpicks! Surprise the participant with a magic wallet. Make money appear and disappear upon command! A super fun and creative finger puppet idea for your child. Especially fun during the month of Easter, this bunny puppet can even be used to boost pretend-play and imaginative skills. Your child can tell a story and at the same time learn about the life of bunny rabbits!

A lovely art work to create and great add-on to your living room wall! In this activity, your child will engage with fine motor paper rolling and even create a fantastic projecting bee hive. Your child makes a 3D artwork using paper folding. This will also look great on a greeting card and will introduce your child to different dimensions.

Make a colourful parachute using paper cutouts. Teach your child about the flying machines — parachutes! Hot air balloons are always fun to look at. Watch as it sways along with the breeze! An activity that will make you reminisce for a while! Remember the old spinning top we played with as kids? How about creating one from scratch with your child? This spinning top will test your little science kids.

A super useful paper craft to keep kids engaged for hours. With this activity, your child will also understand basic balance dynamics. The jumbo animals are flapping their mighty ears to grab your attention! Roll out an interesting elephant craft using paper rolls! This way, your child will also get to learn about shapes and animals!

Fine Motor Skill Development

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Jul 14,  · Jump-start your child's creativity with these simple crafts made from all varieties of colorful Parents.

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For more fun and easy hat craft ideas for kids, click here. THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING TO RED TRICYCLE. Looking for more? View More Editions. Things to Do > Carefree Crafting > 23 Perfect Paper Crafts for Kids .

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Perfect star with one cut? Yes! Do you know, that you can make a perfect star with just one cut? See the video and do it youself! Does the idea of art & craft ideas with your child fill you with dread? Fear not, we've selected 18 Easy Paper Crafts for Kids You'll Want to Make Too!

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Find and save ideas about Easy paper crafts on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Easy kids crafts, Spring crafts and Construction paper crafts. Paper crafts are a great way to improve kids' fine motor skills. The equipment is inexpensive and they can have lots of fun paper tearing, folding, cutting, glueing and weaving paper.