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Diversity in the Workplace Research Paper Starter

Workforce Diversity Essay Sample

❶To monitor this continuity, the following must be done,.

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Diversity in the Workplace
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People possess different human characteristics which influences the way they think, act interact and make choices. To address this challenge, management can promote diversity, by various methods, such as mentoring diverse employees; empowering employees to challenge discriminatory behavioural acts and perceptions, as well as provide training for increasing the accuracy of perceptions, and create an appreciation for diverse skills.

By doing this management can avoid future problems as well as deal with current issues that may occur in the organisation, thereby improving and strengthening organisational performance. We have, therefore, evaluated the significance of workforce diversity as it relates to the modern organisation, by analyzing the benefits and challenges of workforce diversity, as well as the consequences and adverse repercussions the organisation may encounter if it were to ignore workforce diversity issues.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: How about make it original? This interest in diversity would not be surprising. As firms move toward flatter organizational structures featuring groups and teams, and the global economy as a whole.

There's a specialist from your university waiting to help you with that essay. Tell us what you need to have done now! Although business has been conducted on an international deal for many years, in Nigeria International business has gained greater visibility and importance in recent years, because of the growth of large multinational corporations.

International businesses, involves teams action across national boundaries. These transaction includes the transfer of goods, services, technology, managerial knowledge and skills, and capital to other countries.

This in twin fostered diversity in workforce among business organization. Many multi-nationally owned organizations today employs workforce comprising of indigenes and non-indigenes as well as mix of genders male and female and age groups. The diversity among each employee profers different kind of input from each individuals. What began for many U. The employees suggested using B - Global Workforce Diversity introduction. When tradition was strongly against women working, companies lost the opportunity to utilize them in a diversified workforce.

Times are less restrictive now. With more women working and playing major roles in most organizations, their opinions and suggestions help businesses to come up with saleable feminine products and continue to attract women customers. A diverse workforce pools talents and skills that make for more creativity in handling different sets of customers. Amagen, a pioneering Biotechnology company and listed among Fortune boasts of 20,strong diverse workforce.

They represent professionally and culturally different people who contribute their specialization to the unique Amagen way of doing business, which includes zero targets for errors. IBM has presence in countries and acknowledges that half of its yearly revenues come from its operations outside of the United States. IBM knows the value of diversity and credits it for its staying power as market leader.

A significant part of its diversity culture allows IBM to recruit world-class talent. Global Workforce Diversity is affecting how organizations do their businesses. They now have an employee base with varied viewpoints and expertise to draw from. They understand their customers better and are able to respond to customer needs appropriately.

Benefits of Workplace Diversity Essay Sample

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Workplace diversity refers to the extent to which an organization is culturally diverse. Cultural diversity includes the range of ways in which people experience a unique group identity, which includes gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic and age.

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Diversity in the workforce is a blessing to be embraced Diversity is an important phenomenal that has transformed the world in the last 30 years, than any point in time the past. Jackson () said that it represents the presence of differences among members of a social unit.

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Essay: Diversity in the Workplace. Diversity in workforce is growing in all countries special USA, Canada and Europe. With having more diverse work environment organization can produce better performance. It is important for the companies to know diversity and how to handle the issues relating to it. Also the need of the diverse workforce. Workforce diversity, then, is the “concept of accepting that the workforce consists of a diverse population of people. The diversity consists of visible and non-visible differences which will include factors such as gender, age, background, race, personality and work style.

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Race diversity in UK Essay. part- time employment within a year of graduating compared with % of BAME graduates. Progression - Less than 1 in 15 ethnic minority workers in the UK hold a management position and on current trends, they constitute an even greater percentage of the future and emerging workforce. Workforce diversity addresses differences among people within an organization. Workforce diversity means that organizations are becoming a more heterogeneous mix of people from different categories. Diversity refers to the co-existence of employees from various socio-cultural backgrounds within the.