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Sample Essay on the American Revolution


❶Most government officials will always pass policies that favor them without much consideration of the ordinary citizen.

Daniel Shay and Luke Day in American Revolution

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American Revolution Essay
Struggles within the American Revolution: Holistic freedom & liberty

Though Informational from the British point of view like Gordon, Niall does not include a American perspective. He notes the hypocrisy in America behavior, a land devoted to the ideal of liberty and democracy even before independence, have an imperial like behavior in acquiring land. Like The Quebec Act of enacted by British as part of the intolerable acts, their territory expanded to take part of the Indian Reserve that was agreed upon by both Indians and colonist, including much of what are now southern Ontario, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and etc.

Out of all documents so far this paper takes the neutral stance in the telling of American history. Gordon uses information correctly but only goes briefly in the historical affairs of British Empire.

He then goes on to talk about the American Revolution later but only for a few pages, he however does not take into the account the perspectives of the colonists. Walter Nugent takes a neutral side of the writings covering both side, American and British. I say that overall that these papers have been very informative in giving a perspective of the hardships that both the Americans had endured as well describing the upsides that the British had reaped from exploiting the colonies.

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Starting with the Townshend Acts in , the British placed regulations on the import duty of glass, white lead, paper, paint, and tea. In the Coercive Acts of , the governor places restrictions on town meetings, allowed to transfer British soldiers to England to stand trial, and colonists have to house soldiers enforcing the act.

Also, in , the Quebec Acts anger the colonists so much that they unite and form the First Continental Congress. This prompted the Americans to join as a country and completely boycott all British goods.

The Continental Congress was held in September of in Philadelphia, it was at this convention that twelve of the thirteen states agreed to fight against the British as a country. In conclusion, many varying factors enraged the colonists to the point that they rebelled against Great Britain.

The American Revolution was a result of parliamentary taxation, restriction of civil liberties, and legacy of colonial political ideas. These three factors played an equally significant role in the steps towards the separation of Great Britain and America in the American Revolution. You can order a custom essay on The American Revolution now!

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However, looking at the book by Leonard Richards things are different. People of Massachusetts are having trouble with the court as they feel that their pleas are being ignored by the tribunal. For instance, a good number of individuals of Massachusetts decided to surround the state house in Exeter due to the reason that their pleas were not put into consideration. To disperse the crowd, the governor John Sullivan promised to consider their complaints immediately.

Surprisingly, the governor breaks his promise and orders forces to go after the civilians and seize them Richards Similarly, authorities will tend to thwart and discourage any person that is intending to go against their will. In Shays Rebellion, this is what took place as those who rebels will always face the wrath of government forces and most will, in turn, lose their lives.

The government will also come up with some strategies such as expanding the forces and allocating more funds for the security department.

A good example is when Henry Knox who was Secretary of War and other officials decided to expand the continental army. Henry Knox, in turn, delegated the task to Henry Jackson who was to do it as fast as possible and under strict restrictions. For instance, he was not to recruit any individual below the age of 16 and over 45 years as a soldier. Again, he was not to hire any black or Indian as a service member. All the efforts were geared towards combating the rebellion that was initiated by Shay who was merely a humble farmer and saw the bigger picture Richards After a series of squabbles by both the government forces and the insurgent groups, the groups were subdued, and most of them were taken to courts and charged.

The judges responsible for the hearings seem to be under direct influence from other top government officials. Most members of the rebelling sides were sentenced to death as the judges decided to go from state to state to execute that task Richards In conclusion, it is clear that Shay Rebellion was not the final battle of the American Revolution depending on a series of events that have taken place since then and in recent years.

Most government officials will always pass policies that favor them without much consideration of the ordinary citizen. The approach was present during the Shay Rebellion, and it is still present in the contemporary society. Due to that approach, American society has witnessed several rebellions since the time of Shay in different calibers. Officials should, therefore, consider the grievances of ordinary citizens to ensure that they are put into consideration during the process of policy making to avoid revolutions hence maintaining peaceful coexistence in America.

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- The American Revolution was a war fought between Great Britain and the American colonies over independence from to which resulted in a fundamental change in .

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The Second American Revolution Thesis Statement “The Civil War may also be termed as the second American Revolution in terms of the political, social and economic changes that occurred during the war” Introduction American Civil War was fought between and

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The history of the American Revolution, colonial American and British influence is often debated and interpreted by many historians in they own points of view, these historians like Walter Nugent, Gordon . American Revolution Essays, Timelines & Images; American Revolution Essays, Timelines & Images Select essays, timelines and images from the list of colonial America and American Revolution-related topics below. Essays. Events Leading to the American Revolution.

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