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Good Responses to LMU Essay Prompts Can Improve Your Chances

❶Do you think God has a plan for you? Please give an example of someone you know, other than your teachers and parents, who works for justice for the least of their neighbors.

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Do you know the difference? If not, head over to www. What made this situation, or the choice you had to make, so difficult? Looking back, do you think you made the right choice? Are you proud of what you did? Why or why not? What do you think Fr.

Arrupe meant when he said this? Please give an example of someone you know, other than your teachers and parents, who works for justice for the least of their neighbors. Who is someone that, if they asked you to donate your kidney to save his or her life, you would consider doing it? Is there a person or a type of person for whom you would not consider doing do this?

What is the difference between those two people? Do you think he means just good people, or people who go to church, or people who seem to deserve the help? Have you personally witnessed a person helping the least of his or her neighbors, something that was really memorable to you?

How did this impact you? Are you any different today as a result of witnessing this? In college, you're going to pushed to think hard, not just to get your assignments done. That's why LMU has prompts like this—to see who's ready to embrace the exercise of thinking about difficult questions and answering them thoughtfully. The key lesson here is to think before you write. Before you follow our tips, we recommend you read our "How to" guide here: And if you have other questions about essays, applications, interviews or financial aid, visit our online store.

Or you could speak with one of our online college counselors. By any chance, do you guys critique personal statements? Mine needs some reviewing…LMU 1 choice specially. Just give our main office a call at and they can tell you more about it. LMU was my number one choice last year, I got wait listed but did not get accepted. I chose to attend a Cal State for one year in hopes of transferring to LMU this year, what are some helpful tips for transfer students?

By any chance do you have any sample essays that you could refer me to? When prompt 3 asks Please give an example of someone you know, other than your teachers and parents… etc. Can that someone be me? We might ask for advice before we begin something or even after we have experimented on our own, but not at the point where we have determined what we are going to do. In all these situations, helping less turns out to be of greater help. The witness of others is often the impetus for us to try something new.

Once we engage in new experiences, we learn for ourselves the life-changing effects upon us of the beauty of art, respect for nature, care of the planet, appreciation for the diversity of persons and the goodness of God, to name just some possibilities. Sometimes we share with others one or other of our especially meaningful experiences. We are helpful when we restrict what we say to stating what we received, rather than attempting to give them our experience by reliving it or describing it in full.

Giving witness in order to provide an option for others rather than retelling, is another example of when offering less information is more helpful. We are more effective when we show by example what the consequences of living a peaceful life can be rather than by telling anyone what it is like. When we convey our belief in people that they can grow in living a life of meaning and purpose we are far more helpful than if we would urge them to do now what they might not be ready to do at this time.

Ignatius wisely instructed those who would assist others in growing closer to God to do so by refraining from much explanation and encouraging them to enter into their own experiences of God: Help Less - In order to be more helpful, help less.

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Admission to LMU is selective. Academic record is the primary consideration. We take time to evaluate each application individually and consider not just what you have done in the past, but what your accomplishments suggest you will achieve in the future.

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Our offices in California help a lot of kids apply to LMU. And let me tell you, LMU's essay questions are doozies. And let me tell you, LMU's essay questions are doozies. They’re pushing kids to think critically about the questions, which actually gives those with a sincere interest in LMU a huge opportunity.

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College Application Essays accepted by Loyola Marymount University Martial Arts Essay Brian Thomas Hockenmaier Loyola Marymount University. I was born the second child in a family of four, with one older brother, and for all of my life I have been either the shortest or one of the shortest kids in my class. Love Letters - It is our calling to keep in our minds and hearts a basic desire to help others. When one person wishes to declare love for another, very few words are needed.

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Personal Essay Prompt Instructions: Write a short essay (no more than words) answering the following prompt: Please evaluate why you have selected your summer program of choice and explain how you think attending summer programs at LMU will assist you with your future educational or career goals. Loyola Marymount University Essay Prompts. Loyola Marymount University takes the Common Application, which requires an essay. Click here for the Common Application essay prompts.. Loyola Marymount University also has these supplemental essays.