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Brother-Sister Incest/Western Animation

Westermarck Effect

❶In fact, they seem to be Generation Xeroxes to an extent, though their parents are very minor characters.

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In Inaho's case, Takeru was her only friend as a kid, because her father was strict with her out of fear that she'd leave him. So the time they spent together is an important memory for her. Shimajiro, Mimirin, Torippii, and Ramurin.

Ramurin eventually moved away and was replaced by Nyakkii. Ika Musume , Eiko says she and Goro and childhood friends, and, well, that's pretty much all there is to that. She doesn't have eyes for him, and he has eyes for her older sister. The OVA depicts Yuka and Satomi as having grown up together as sparring partners at her grandfather's dojo. They've drifted apart over the years, but their bond remains as strong as ever. Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin from Free!

When they are reunited years later, the three remaining guys saw Rin's personality changed and he declares Haruka as his rival. In the first season's final episode, Rin makes up with his old friends, which culminated in them shared a big hug at the end. Ryu, Shota and Chizu of Kimi ni Todoke were friends when they were a lot younger; Ryu and Chizu have been friends pretty much their entire lives. Goemon and Kikyo, though he is a few years older at least. Sadly, she turns out to be Evil All Along.

Pandora Hearts has two very different examples: Sheryl Rainsworth and Rufus Barma swore to work together to prevent another Tragedy of Sablier from occurring, even if their respective families' interests ever came in conflict.

Rufus is also her Unlucky Childhood Friend and kept asking for her hand in marriage from their student years to present time. Sheryl is in her seventies and married to someone else, but as Rufus puts it, "a divorce can fix that! Ada is the only member of the Vessalius family Gilbert didn't hide from after betraying the Vessalius by becoming a Nightray.

His motive for said betrayal was to rescue Oz , Ada's older brother, from the Abyss , so it was only ever a betrayal from his point of view. In Saki , Satomi Kanbara, president of the mahjong club of Tsuruga, is childhood friends with Kaori Senoo, and knows that Kaori will join on her request that the Tsuruga team will have enough members to enter the tournament.

While Kaori has no experience playing mahjong, she has incredible Beginner's Luck , and does fairly well in her round. In primary school, Hitomi Shizuki joined them. Chiya and Sharo in Is the Order a Rabbit?

Two pairs in Tonari no Kashiwagi-san , Kotone and Sayaka, and Yuuto and Kazuki have known each other since they were small. Cross Ange has Ange and Momoka who were raised together ever since the latter met the former and already knew she was a Norma. Amigiri Ayato and Sasamiya Saya knew each other since they were kids but lost contact with each other when Saya's family moved 6 years prior. They reunite the day after Ayato transferred to Seidoukan Academy they would have reunited much sooner but Saya slept in that day and missed school.

In the 6th volume, we learn that Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld and Orphelia Landlufen were this as well. Jurai and Hatoko of When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace have known each other since elementary school and supported each other the whole time up to high school. Hatoko very much wants it to become a Childhood Friend Romance. In How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend , Tomoya and Eriri bonded through their shared otaku interests in their elementary school years.

While events caused a rift in their relationship for some time, they still help each other out when they're in high school.

Your Lie in April features few examples: Watari, Kousei, and Tsubaki, who have known each other since they were kids. Emi and Takeshi who've known each other ever since they started competing in piano competitions as children.

There are three sets of childhood friends in Mahou Sensei Negima! When Ayaka first met her in preschool, Asuna was an Emotionless Girl since she had her memory wiped after spending at least years as a living weapon. So Ayaka attacked her and it defined their relationship ever since. Near the end of the manga Asuna says that meeting Ayaka was "the best luck she ever had" and Ayaka lived to out of sheer willpower when Asuna had to go away for years. Too bad Asuna had to oversleep and wake up long after Ayaka passed away.

A downplayed version though, since they only met at summer camp and Ash didn't even remember Serena until she returned the handkerchief he lent her. Serena nurses feelings for Ash as a result of said meeting, but Ash is unaware of them. That is, until Serena plants a goodbye kiss on him as they part ways at the end of the series. Dawn, Leona, and Kenny have known each other since kindergarten. Barry eventually appeared in the anime himself but isn't friends with Dawn.

Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo, and Squirtletwo. Unfortunately, his friends died and his memories were erased In SM Episode 59, it's revealed that Lana and Mallow met and became friends when they were small, before they enrolled in the school. Even the New Transfer Student met the twins when he was younger, but they only briefly played together. Nanoha, Fate, Yuuno, and Hayate met when they were nine, so by the time of StrikerS they're referred to as childhood friends.

Although, Nanoha and Fate's relationship technically falls into a different category. Nanoha had also been friends with Arisa and Suzuka for several years before she met Fate. Shario and Griffith grew up in the same neighborhood. Fuka and Rinne from ViVid Strike! Sadly, their friendship fell apart about a year before the season began due to Rinne's change in personality after being adopted into the Berlinetta family. The season even revolves around Fuka trying to reconnect with Rinne in the traditional Nanoha fashion.

At least, that's what appeared to be the case. In reality, Iris has never cared about Kyrie and has merely been using her since the day they met in her quest for revenge against Yuri. In Aruosumente , Legna and Emperor Artian. Since Legna's father served Artian's father as an Oracle and Legna was meant to be raised as secluded as possible, Artian was the only other child he had any contact with and they became friends.

By the time of the prsent story, however, the two have grown apart due to Artian's carefree nature and Legna's tendency towards Anger Born of Worry. Kanako and Takatsuki from Wandering Son have been friends since kindergarten, though they don't actually seem too close compared to the others.

In a noticeable case of Characterization Marches On , the first volume has Kanako as a nameless extra. Takatsuki didn't initially know about her scatterbrained personality , but by volume two shows they've been friends for years. Takeo and Suna from My Love Story!! They've been best friends since elementary. In Endride , Alicia is Emilio's childhood friend and possibly only his friend before the series starts , but while she's the very model of a childhood friend toward him, at some point she and the others acknowledge that he hasn't been the best friend back, which causes her to hesitate over whether she wants to turn it into a Childhood Friend Romance or not.

In Brave10 , Anastasia and Saizo are childhood friends from their ninja training days who are reunited as Braves at the start of the series. There's also an important Forgotten Fallen Friend from childhood in Saizo's backstory that sets the stage for his fear of serving a master and opening himself up to others, after seeing his friend who was The Ace go off to serve someone only to be easily thrown away in the end.

Tomoe and Shutaro of Silver Nina have known each other since childhood, having grown up together in the same small town. Much of the tension between them stems from Shutaro's failed attempt to make it big in The Big City and having to come back to their small town.

Switzerland and Austria were this, though Switzerland was disappointed with Austria's lack of fighting ability. They had a falling out, and neither likes to be reminded of how close they were when they were children. Takeshi was initially a bully towards Yuri, but their relationship improved over time. Yuri also had a crush on Yuko, but she went on to have a Childhood Friend Romance with Takeshi, eventually marrying him and having triplets. Mello and Matt from Death Note grew up together at the same orphanage, and still appear to be each other's Only Friend when they're hitting their twenties.

Liszt became very good at dealing with illnesses because he has been taking care of Chopin for so long, and Chopin has seen his friend's "possessions" increase with time, which makes him one of the rare people able to bring Liszt back without getting hurt.

In both cases the former has feelings for the latter. Magical Girl Raising Project: Snow White and La Pucelle were friends who bonded over their shared love of Magical Girls in elementary school. They separated in middle school, but happily reunited when both of them became Magical Girls and quickly partnered up. Shadow Gale and Pfle have known each other since they were young children. Shadow Gale has issues with Pfle's pranks and willingness to do dark deeds, but she still cares for her and wishes she'll become a better person.

Captain Grace and Funny Trick have been glued at the hip since elementary school, with Grace always eager to protect Funny Trick and bring her along with her adventures. Funny Trick is less enthused about their relationship , not wanting to be friends with a person as scary as Grace even as she reluctantly goes along with her.

This is a fairly common occurance in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War , given that it takes place in an Elevator School: Kaguya and her personal maid Hayasaka.

The two have basically been inseperable since they were seven and Word of God states that they view each other more as sisters than mistress and servent. Maki and Kashiwagi have been best friends since kindergarten. This causes a big problem for Maki, since she has a massive crush on Kashiwagi's boyfriend.

Miko and Osaragi have been best friends since elementary school. Hori and Sengoku from Horimiya have known each other their entire lives their parents went to school together , with Hori having almost constantly bullied Sengoku until they entered high school.

Their relationship is completely devoid of romantic subtext, with both having their own love interests. Four Swords manga have been good friends since they were young. Everyone in Komi-san wa Komyushou desu has some kind of oddball quirk. Najimi Osana's is being literally everybody's childhood friend.

Every member of the cast has met and known Najimi at some point in their elementary or middle school lives since they transferred a lot. When put in Japanese, surname-first order, the name "Osana Najimi" literally means "childhood friend". Played with in Sound! Kumiko and Shuuichi have known each other for years and are treated as childhood friends, however it's noted that Shuuichi ignored Kumiko in middle school. The two have a very strained "friendship". Shuuichi has a crush on Kumiko but it's unrequited and she's completely ignorant of it.

In the original books, they ended a couple. Tsubasa arrived to Shizuoka when he was , so he considers the members of the Nankatsu soccer team Ishizaki, Misaki, Wakabayashi, etc.

In the specific case of Sanae, it goes into Childhood Friend Romance. Tsubasa's mom lampshades it in the original anime, when she says that up until Tsubasa joined the team, he had very few friends.

Tsubasa also was childhood friends with Yayoi, and he actually was her First Love. Her almost-boyfriend, Misugi, also counts in the end.

When Genzo moved to Germany with Mikami at age 12 and was bullied by the younger members of the Hamburg Team, Schneider treated him as a Worthy Opponent instead.

He also soon befriended Kaltz, and according to Road to he considers the two as childhood friends too. Flashbacks show that Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru, and Naruto used to hang out together in their Ninja Academy days, however they're not presented as close at the start of the manga and Naruto is treated as having a Friendless Background. By the Sasuke Retrieval arc they're all friends again.

Shikamaru and Choji are childhood friends as is the norm for their clans. Sakura and Ino are childhood friends, but at the start of the series their relationship has been torn apart due to their shared crush on Sasuke. In the second arc they mend their friendship. It's implied in Boruto that Boruto and Sarada were friends when they were younger as Boruto's dad and Sarada's parents are friends , however by the start of the series they've grown apart.

They're brought back together when they become teammates. Sarada and Chocho are this way, as are Boruto, Inojin, and Shikadai. The two of you have known each other since you were kids and are now coworkers as well as friends.

Betty is usually also Archie's childhood friend, but of the Childhood Friend Romance sort. They met in their teens and have been inseperable since. In , Zatanna and Batman were retconned into childhood friends. Japan was not pleased upon learning this. It really starts after the three boys play tag around the Impala setting them to be friends for life. They meet when Hiroshi stops by the police department to identify a suspect in his wife's murder and brings Asami along with him, and Bolin living at the station as Lin's charge invites her to play a few games of "Avatar".

He's probably the only person Fuu respects and considers a dear person next to Naruto. Twilight and Moondancer met and became roommates when they were eleven, though it took Twilight a year to admit they were actually friends.

Of Crystal Shards And Dust: There's Ruby and Yang with Noctis, Prompto and Luna ; the sisters accompanied their uncle Qrow on a trip to Lucis and met the latter three there after losing their pet Chocobo. All of them sans Luna reunite after 6 years when they begin attending Beacon Academy together. That first meeting of theirs saw Yang develop a crush on Noctis, and while she claims to be over it after learning of his affection towards Luna, she still has unresolved feelings towards him.

Ronin and Queen Tara in Epic. Kenai and Nita from Brother Bear 2. Bambi has Thumper, Flower, and Bambi meeting as children and then being reunited as adults.

Bambi also briefly befriended his future mate Faline, however they don't get much screentime in the original film. Bambi II expands on Bambi and Faline's relationship as fawns. As it turns out, Thor and Sif have been close friends since childhood, with Sif having developed romantic feelings for him implied in the first film and now confirmed and platonic feelings from his end or possibly unrealized romantic feelings, as it's also been confirmed that there will be a Love Triangle between Thor, Sif, and Jane in the sequel.

She cares about him. They grew up together, you know? Julie, Kayla and Sam, now 18, have been best friends since the first day of elementary school. One of Larry's regrets in The Stand was how he ruined a childhood friendship by quibbling over a small amount of money when he knew perfectly well he was wrong.

It's one of the memories he holds to convince himself that he 'aint no nice guy. Oksa and Gus are this. They grew up together before they moved from Paris to London and before they heard about that Edefia thing. George and Harold first became the best of friends in Kindergarten. The movie expanded on this very fact. Derek and Laura of the web-novel Domina. She moved away years ago for reasons he doesn't understand—all she'll say is that its his fault. They meet in the first book The Magicians Nephew and the final book, The Last Battle reveals they kept in contact their whole lives.

Though the two actually met as first-year midshipmen at Saganami Island and not as children, Michelle Henke otherwise fills this role for Honor Harrington ; when Henke is introduced in The Short Victorious War , she is quickly established as Honor's oldest and closest friend. Though the two spend months and even years apart — and endure reciprocal cases of Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated — their friendship is a running thread throughout all subsequent novels; Honor is always at her easiest and most uninhibited with Michelle, no matter how many other close friends she makes throughout her life.

Safi and Prince Leopold used to be great friends as kids, but were forced to stop meeting when his status and her family's situation put them apart. Nevertheless, when they meet for the first time in years, they're immediately friends again. Vivia and Merik used to be best friends with Serrit Linday, but as they grew up, Serrit's political ambitions and allegiance to the Big Bad put them at odds.

As teenagers it blossoms from friendship into romance. Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw met when they were barely of apprentice age but stayed close friends for the rest of their lives. Lux and Philuffy are a romantic example of this. The latter acted as a Morality Chain for the former after his mother's death. Sharis, Tillfur and Noct are a platonic example. They first met due to connections between their parents, and grew so close that in the present they're collectively known as the Triad and can always be found together.

Monica and Rachel from Friends. The Doctor and the Master were grew up together on Gallifrey and were close friends. It ended badly, but occasionally they are still on Friendly Enemy terms. Amusingly deconstructed with Runcible in "The Deadly Assassin" - he and the Doctor were apparently schoolfriends and are still reflexively fond of each other, but when they try talking together their conversation is comically awkward and they have little in common, in a very school reunion-type manner.

They mostly make awkward small talk about how many times the Doctor has regenerated and try to avoid meeting each other's eyes. Clarke Griffin and Wells Jaha from The have been friends since they were little. Heterosexual Life-Partners Scott and Stiles have been friends their entire lives. According to the actors they met in the sandpit in kindergarten, Stiles peed on Scott's sandcastle the context is never explained and they've been inseparable - and each other's Only Friend - ever since.

And there's really nothing beyond that, it's just we met in the sandbox when we were four and we've been best friends ever since and we felt 'eh, no need to make any other friends, it doesn't matter. Oliver and Tommy both had relationships with Laurel at different points , and Oliver even cheated on Laurel with Sara during the inevitable boat trip that would change all their lives forever.

Tommy and Sara had no romantic inclinations with each other as far as what is shown, though considering the incident with the Queen's Gambit pretty much stalled that opportunity until it was gone, one has to wonder if it would've only been a matter of time otherwise.

Veil and Jade are informed to have been this. However it's treated in a rather contrived way since their reunion ushered by Jade's plea for Veil to save her secret lover Ryder's life was used as a plot device to get Veil involved in the political drama of the regents and to snowball Quinn's Villainous Crush on her.

After they share a very brief moment on-screen together, they are never seen talking or even speaking of one another again. Max and Bobby were close friends to the point where they called themselves brothers until Max was about five years old, when Bobby moved away most likely to New York. The Birth of Mewtwo: Too bad the last four all died before they even woke up They grew up together as sparring partners at her grandfather's dojo and have been competing against each other for just as long.

Yuuki and Heita in Big Bang Age. Yuuki is apparently one of Heita's only real friends and the two are rather close. Both are rather minor characters, though, so the relationship isn't as fleshed out as it could be. In the mage starter area in Dragon Age: There even seems to be a possible dialogue option to defend why you placed your trust in him that is something to the effect of, "but we've been friends since we were kids".

The Legend of Zelda: The nature of Link's relation to Zelda varies with each game, with most portraying them as acquaintances, or simply comrades-in-arms. While in others, such as The Minish Cap and Skyward Sword , they're cast as childhood friends with hints of a romance between them. In Breath of the Wild , Link was longtime friends with Mipha, the princess of the Zora people, to the point that King Dorephan viewed Link as something of a son. Mipha fell in love with Link , though whether Link felt mutually is not clear.

It's also shown that Link was friends with most of the children in Zora's Domain, which is why none of the young adults are hostile to him like the elders are when he arrives post-Calamity. Aden and Sonja, the protagonists of Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny , have been friends since birth. Endou and Kazemaru in Inazuma Eleven , but it's never been disclosed how long exactly. Technically a number of the members of Aliea and Little Gigant as well because they grew up together.

In GO , Tenma and Aoi. According to the latter's seiyuu Aoi has a crush on Tenma, but it has yet to be seen or hinted at. That is, before they fell apart when Mahoro started actively avoiding Amagi.

Naturally in this kind of series, they make amends. Garlot, Siskier, and Jenon in Blaze Union. Both Siskier and Jenon have got some sticky feelings that complicate things , but for most of the game the three are nigh inseparable and their almost-familial friendship is an important source of emotional support for Garlot. Despite they reveal they are childhood friends, they seems only share only one scene together in the whole game. You do get to use their powerful combination attack , though.

Kingdom Hearts has Sora, Riku and Kairi. The first two have known each other their whole lives, while the latter arrives in their hometown when she's a kid and joins them. Noctis and his gang. Ignis was raised alongside Noctis since early childhood in preparation for his job as advisor to the heir apparent when they're older, and Gladiolus comes from a family that traditionally has always been bodyguards to the kings of Lucis, and began when Noctis was still young.

Despite the two technically being in Noctis' service, their bond is shown to be more brotherly than typical of a prince and his advisor and bodyguard. Noctis and Prompto only start hanging out in their teenage years, but the two met a long time ago Prompto admired him from afar for years before they formally became friends.

Noctis and Luna qualify as childhood friends as well, although possibly not as close, as they have been hinted to be estranged due to Niflheim's invasion of Tenebrae Luna's hometown.

However, Word of God has stated that the bond between Noctis and Luna is a basic plot element that's just as important as the bond between Noctis and his gang. Luke and Nick from The Walking Dead have been close friends for at least 20 years. Aika was taken in by Vyse's father when she was orphaned a child.

Sign In Don't have an account? But nowadays they seem to favour implying repeated events of incest between Meg and Chris After seven minutes in the closet, Connie D'Amico opens the door to find that Meg is making out with Chris, to the horror of all. Later though, Meg and Chris seem to warm up to the idea. In "Save The Clam" Chris has to stand in for a corpse. When his suit starts itching Meg tells him to stop scratching his balls, and he asks her to do it for him.

He enjoys it a little too much In a more recent episode, Meg asks Chris if he wants to "practice kissing again. In the movie, Lois complains to Peter that, with Chris and Meg around, they have no privacy at all and asks if they shouldn't be dating by now. Of course Peter assumes she meant dating each other. Curley's wife attempts to seduce Lenny, but her euphemisms go right over his head and he snaps her neck. In "Fresh Heir" Meg walks into Chris's room dressed only in a towel and tells him that their bath is ready - then realises Peter's the only one there.

In "Nanny Goats" the hired Russian nanny walks in on Chris and Meg playing 'Doctor' - by which, they are about to start kissing. Transformers , Orion Pax and Ariel were originally boyfriend and girlfriend. After their bodies were destroyed, Alpha Trion recreated them both as Optimus Prime and Elita One and the two continued the relationship in their new lives. Their anatomy turned out to be so similar that Optimus is able to save Elita's life with an energy transfer, and Optimus seemed a bit taken aback when Alpha Trion told them about their origins.

When she steps close to him at the end, he even walks away quickly. No one outright mentions the word "incest", but it's heavily implied that something weird's going on. Also Elita was leaning in for a kiss so it may be more "hero denying his pleasures" than anything else. Also two reasons he denied her: In South Park , there is an episode in which Stan has problems with his older sister, Shelly, who constantly beats him.

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The Westermarck Effect is commonly brought up in the midst of shipping arguments shipping discussions where incest, cousins, and childhood friends are .

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* Proximity: '''Proximity:''' The observed effect applies to children raised in close contact. * Age: '''Age:''' The critical period for reverse sexual imprinting ends by age 6 or 7. * Age Difference: '''Age Difference:''' If more than eight years apart, the effect is [[PrecociousCrush greatly diminished for the younger participant. participant]]. The Westermarck effect, or reverse sexual imprinting, is a hypothetical psychological effect through which people who live in close domestic proximity during the first few years of their lives become desensitized to sexual attraction.

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The Westermarck Effect is commonly brought up in the midst of shipping arguments shipping discussions where incest, cousins, and childhood friends are involved. A form of reverse sexual imprinting, the Westermarck Effect serves to suppress inbreeding in humans, working in opposition to the theorized genetic sexual attraction phenomenon. Westermarck Effect The Westermarck Effect means that that growing up in proximity at a young age (through approximately six years of age) usually prevents kids from thinking about each other sexually.