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How To Get Tons of Amazon Reviews For Your Book (Or Product)
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Many students turn for help to definite resources, which offer such possibilities. Where to get the best book review essay? Well, there are many different websites that provide this kind of services. It would be reasonable to seek via the Internet. Making deals online is a very wise choice, as everything runs much faster.

The time for any assignment is always restricted. Therefore, dealing with an online resource is the best way out. We can write on any topics in different fields. There is a possibility to purchase book reviews as well. Additionally, we offer many other necessary services. We offer these services to make our collaboration as comfortable as it is possible. We are one of the best resources in this sphere. You can check our dependability and effectuality on your own by reading various reviews of our clients.

Quite soon, you will realize that you have reached the right place to ask for help with your tasks. The democratizing nature of the online self-publishing revolution has been both a blessing and a curse. The second problem is that the quality of online book reviews are increasingly being called into question. Sock-puppeting in any form is a practice that should be avoided at all costs. You might get away with it now, but only for a while.

Is it really worth jeopardizing your future livelihood on such a myopic strategy? So, how do authors go about ethically securing quality book reviews in such a competitive environment?

The way most authors approach this problem is to do nothing. To wait it out in the hope that a trickle of sales might generate some positive reviews, which in turn might generate more sales. This is a catch of the worst order and one that drives many self-published authors to the verge of madness!

Another way to generate reviews, and one of the best, tried and tested strategies lies in identifying the profiles of existing reviewers who have reviewed work similar to your own and politely contacting them; making them aware of your writing with a request for them to review your books.

Whether these reviewers buy your work and review it, or if you gift it to them and they review it, this is a solid strategy and one that should be considered by all authors who wish to increase their exposure and sales online. Using the above strategy to generate reviews is great, but not all reviewers are created equal.

In the case of Amazon, they rank their reviewers with a complex algorithm which factors in the amount of reviews made, the frequency that reviews are made, the quality helpfulness of reviews made as deemed by others as well as a myriad of other complex little elements which the rest of us will probably never know about. Thankfully, Amazon allows us to see who their top reviewers are - all 10, of them.

This is incredibly useful data to be able to get our hands on! The first reason is that the majority of these top Amazon reviewers have a very wide sphere of influence beyond just Amazon.

If a top reviewer reviews your work, they are highly likely to duplicate that review across other sites, Goodreads, their personal blogs, their social media profiles etc.

Leaving helpful reviews is one of the main reasons for which they become top reviewers in the first place. With our Amazon service, Book Review Broker targets only top reviewers.

We have taken this top 10, Amazon reviewers chart and painstakingly pulled out all of the data which is pertinent to securing book reviews. From this top 10, list we have extracted the 1, best profiles based on interest in genres and whether the reviewers are contactable or not. Then you create a small pitch on our site we give you guidelines on what to write in order to maximize chance of reviews and submit it to us.

Your pitch will be sent directly to these top reviewer targets who will then get back to you via your own email address. From hereon, it is over to you how you want to negotiate organizing a review with the top reviewers. The primary reasons to employ the services of Book Reviewer Broker are to save time and to maximize productivity. Include a personalized thank you letter. Also note that I also believe in delivering more then expected, so even though I promised one book to the reviewer I often put in both as a surprise.

Reply to the reviewers email. Copy and paste the email to the box in the right you will want to tweak this email for the bold variables. I really appreciate you checking out the book. I am putting it in the mail to you today. I suspect it will take a week or so to get to you. I hope you enjoy it, and I am really excited and looking forward to your review. Please drop me a note when you get it I want to make sure it arrives. Once the contact information is fully updated, delete the email from that reviewer from the inbox.

I like to really automate things, so I wrote scripts and conditional settings in my spreadsheet. Change NAME to the name of the recipient and remove the highlighting. I wanted to thank you again for offering to do the Amazon review of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. But, either way, do you mind giving me a heads up? I have a call with the team over at Penguin books coming up and I told them a few weeks back that you had offered to review the book.

You are really helping me out, big time, and I really appreciate it. Just in case you need the link, here it is: The colored section will automatically return to the yellow highlighted color. Once the Amazon review goes live check your review page daily and check for emails from reviewers saying they posted it , send the thank you email to the righ. Your honest, thorough review is exactly what my publisher likes to discuss during our meetings. Thank you again, and I hope the book serves as a valuable resource for you!

Wishing you all the best and continued success. I encourage you to print this post out and follow the process step by step. Then tweak it and make it your own. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have dozens of other systems I have developed over the years and will be sharing them with you here. In the mean time. Please be sure to put your comments and thoughts below. Do you like this strategy? Did the process help you? Or do you think this in gaming the system?

I want to know your thoughts. I read TPE and wrote the review the same day. We are Finishing up a book we have been working on and we will use this to get some great reviews. This is a process that works! I believe it provides value to both parties involved, it is a win-win situation, which is really good at a time in human history where it seems looking out for 1 is more rewarded then reprimanded.

I feel it is a win-win-win too. Your system is much more data oriented, but yes! Have been doing something very much like this, as have some of my clients. I have had over 45 reviews looking for more, so this system sounds great. Love the process, Mike. My book goes live in a couple months. Will get on this with the quickness! Yes, it is easy to pass off to an assistant. Thanks for the info! This sounds like a good system for those with the money to do it.

I suppose it could be used on a smaller scale…though fewer reviews would result. Mike, please proofread your sample emails—there are several typos.

Perhaps the perfect, proofread email is too perfect. But I agree with you, typos are lazy. In regards to the cost. One option is to send PDF versions of your book.

It is too hard. Good for you for posting this up Mike, you rock. Just shared it all over the place. If you would be so kind, please share your sign up link for the Author Marketing Forum you have created.

It is the coolest, most innovative way for authors to support each other and it is free, of course. Brilliant — I like that you can do this over time — 25 people a week is a doable number to contact. And who knows what sort of relationships you may build. Thanks for the insight! Another great actionable strategy- Thanks Mike. Now I just have to finish writing my book so I can promote it!

You organizing skills are amazin. Thank you so much! Jarom — Thank you for that. I thought that would be a good clarification to make…. Thank you so much for sharing! The only thing I would change is the follow-up e-mail. I think that is unnecessary, but I see authors do it. I guess you could argue that. Second I ask them to do an honest review. Step 4 and 5 are the problem here. I cannot devote time to clicking through reviewers….. The others I find.

If I had a lightweight, small product I would definitely try this. Christine, how about a limited quantity pre-sale of the product at a lower price?

You could ask these people to give you reviews, in exchange for the chance to get their hands on your product before everyone else. For example I have an interest in a company that makes, among other things, utility knives. These can sell for BIG money and cost us a lot to send out.

So instead of sending one to each person, we are inviting them to be in a review circle of 10 people. We pay to ship it to each person from the prior, and each person gets the knife for a week to evaluate. An interesting idea, though no good for me at the moment as I only have an ebook available. So far this has resulted in over unique reviews, so pretty sweet! That is a tremendous number of reviews that you have received. Hi — Great idea. I am trying to get reviews of my new novel and will use this strategy.

Anyone interested in a gift copy, please get in touch. I am actually going to write another post about that technique specifically. When you gift it to someone even for 0. That supports the credibility. In terms of people talking about trying to automate it further, you could hire someone to do the steps of searching out appropriate reviewers.

Sure that costs money, but most promotional tactics do. That is great Anne. My assistant does this for me… in fact I have another 25 going out tomorrow Sunday that she is handling. So happy you are doing the process too.

Mike I love the automation of this strategy. I will definately be setting something like this up for the Travel Journal.

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