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❶After the survey is complete I will review the summary and download the data provided by survey monkey to conclude my research.


Negative Uses of Medical Marijuana
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It included research and other data that emerged after the record was closed in the prior proceedings before Judge Young and focused primarily on whether cannabis has the high potential for abuse required for Schedule I status.

However, in a federal court denied that petitioners had standing because the petitioners were not injured parties. In , a loosely formed coalition composed of organizations and individuals supporting the reclassification of marijuana known as the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis submitted a formal rescheduling petition.

The purpose of this latest rescheduling petition is to demonstrate through volumes of the latest scientific and medical research that cannabis does not have a high potential for abuse, has a relatively low dependence liability, is safe for use under medical supervision, and has an accepted medical use in the United States. This petition is still in the works. Many states have not legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes and, in those states, raising a medical necessity defense may be necessary.

The basis necessity defense, also known as the "choice of two evils" was available to those who, when confronted with a serious and immediate threat, found they could save themselves only by taking action that violated a law.

The medical necessity defense was established for marijuana in United States v. Randall FN34 in which a glaucoma patient who smoked marijuana in order to retain his eyesight was found not guilty of violating anti-marijuana law by the District of Columbia Superior Court. Recognizing "the right of an individual to preserve and control his or her body," and observing that "the prohibition of marijuana is not well founded," the court concluded that "the evil the defendant sought to avert, blindness, is greater than that he performed to accomplish it, growing marijuana in his residence in violation of the District of Colombia Code.

Generally, for a successful state necessity defense the defendant must show: Under federal law, a defendant must establish the existence of four elements to be entitled to a necessity defense: My thesis is that the legalization of marijuana would have a positive influence on America. In this paper I have tried to show that this is indeed true.

Billions of dollars would be saved in government expenditures and, in fact, revenue from taxation on the regulated sale of marijuana would be in the billions. Nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose. Finally, and most obviously, marijuana for medical use would benefit many many different sick people with no other legal alternatives. Is there really any question? The time has come!! FN2 "Legalizing Hemp;" Author unknown. Nov 26, , http: FN3 "Hemp Facts;" Author unknown.

Hemp Industries Association; Nov 26, , http: FN5 Biomass, in the energy production industry, refers to living and recently living biological material which can be used as fuel or for industrial production Wikipedia; Biomass; Nov 26, , http: Schaffer Library of Drug Policy.

Control of Marihuana, Alcohol and Tobacco;" Nov 30, FN19 Aldrich, Michael, Ph. FN20 Gieringer, Dale, Ph. FN28 "History and Uses of Marijuana. Americans for Safe Access. FN30 Marijuana Rescheduling Petition. United States Department of Justice. Info for Medical Marijuana Litigators: Federalism Issues and the Necessity Defense.

FN34 United States v. Randall, Daily Wash. FN36 "Medical Necessity Defense. To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.

This Sidebar appears everywhere on your wiki. Add to it whatever you like -- a "Home" link, a navigation section, a link to your favorite web sites, or anything else. To edit this page, request access to the workspace. Legalization of Marijuana redirected from Legalization of Marijuana Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 9 months ago. The Time Has Come. What are the Medical Benefits of Marijuana? Attempts at Reclassification of Marijuana for Medical Purposes.

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Medical Marijuana A 7 page paper which examines the pros and cons of medical marijuana and illustrates how medical marijuana can prove very benefici Medical Marijuana A 4 page paper which examines medical marijuana and supports legalization of medical marijuana. Using Medical Marijuana The writer discusses the pros and cons of the use of medical marijuana, and considers the conditions it treats, whether it can be The Relative Merits of Medical Marijuana This paper traces the history of the move to legalize marijuana for medical usage.

Annotated Bibliography, Followed by Paper on Medical Marijuana Use This research paper, first of all, presents a ten-item annotated bibliography that pertain to the legalization and use of medical Medical Marijuana, Pro and Con This research paper discusses the benefits and risks associated with medical marijuana use. Medical Marijuana Debate This paper presents an argument in favor of medical marijuana. A Biography on Charles Drew This biography takes a look at this black doctor who lived during the s.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy In sixteen pages JFK's life and actual accomplishments are separated from the myth with comparisons drawn with other Presidents be John Birks 'Dizzy' Gillespie Pioneering jazz great Dizzy Gillespie is the focus of this research paper consisting of five pages in which jazz elements and the Theologian John Duns Scotus' Life and Scholasticism School of Thought In ten pages which also includes an outline of one page this theologian from the thirteenth century is considered in an overview o Charles Darwin's Perspectives This paper considers the colonialism and racism perspectives that resulted from the 'survival of the fittest' and natural selectio Life and Works of Michel de Nostradamus In three pages the life and predictions of Nostradamus are evaluated for accuracy from present and future perspectives.

Harper's Life and Work II In nine pages this research paper considers this African American novelist, poet, and lecturer in terms of her life and work with Since the authorities banned the recreational use, sale, and growth of this substance many groups have sprung up and protests have been organized to fight for the right to possess and use the plant.

Opinions appear to be pulled in two directions: It may be some time before all the truths concerning the use of this ancient drug in our society are fully known. An understanding of the history and attitudes of peoples who have long used the plant may play a large role in furthering our handling of the situation in modern society. It appears that Marijuana may be with us well into the future. The decriminalization of marijuana refers to removing drug offences — concerning marijuana — from criminal law rather than completely legalizing and allowing public use of the drug whether regulated or not.

This argumentative essay will outline: This is a victimless crime! Of course people will say the victim is the user.

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Marijuana also known as cannabis, is a used as psychoactive drug and is usually a research paper topic in universities, if students are successful in drafting a unique topic they are often not able to cope with writing a perfect piece of paper, therefore, we have decide to not only suggest you some great topics but also give you some points to.

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Essay, term paper research paper on Marijuana. Marijuana essay papers. Pages: 1. 0. 0. The Legalization of Marijuana The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial topic. This subject has been debated numerous times over the past few years. The issues surrounding marijuana are both varied and complex.

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May 18,  · weed research paper topics. Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by adjatay, May 17, adjatay smokin that bob marley. Joined: Aug 23, etc, but you're are still able to put facts into it that support marijuana. Just go to or something and look at some of their topics that they have listed. SEARCH RESULTS. YOU WERE LOOKING FOR: Medical Marijuana Term Papers 1 - 19 Please enter a keyword or topic phrase to perform a search. Annotated Bibliography, Followed by Paper on Medical Marijuana Use. This research paper, first of all, presents a ten-item annotated bibliography that pertain to the legalization and use .

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How To Write A Strong Marijuana Research Paper. Whenever you begin to write a research paper on a topic that has historically been very controversial, keep in mind that there has already been tons of papers written on the same topic. Marijuana research paper topics Construct validity is the fault of the series. Refused so to far english grammars, as is cultural anthropology, the foundation from which it is you discover that the meta-analytic schedule.