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the lively art of writing answer key zip

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❶First Person at Last Assignment 2:

Words, Sentences, Style and Technique — an Essential Guide to One of Today’s Most Necessary Skills

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John , the tough one, the sullen kid who scoffed at any show of sentiment , gave his mother flowers. The periodic sentence is among the greatest tools in a writer's toolbox. By holding off the final words of the basic statement until the last moment, the writer creates suspense. Be wary not to put too many of these sentences near each other. The Combinations The patterns you have just seen are easy.

You add detail inside the basic statement, after it, or both. Learning when to do which, however, is an art. You must experiment to find exactly the sound you are looking for. John was suddenly, violently angry. John, usually the calmest of men, was suddenly, violently angry. John, usually the calmest of men, was suddenly, violently angry, so angry that the lost control completely.

Usually the calmest of men, John was suddenly, violently angry. Which one of these is the best? This is the part that takes practice. Think about it this way, what does your sentence need? What details would matter? Which part of the sentence do you need to know more about? Expanding the Subject 1. The class, a mixture of juniors and seniors in advanced math, The class, usually noisy and inattentive, The class, alarmed by the prospect of an early test, The class, apathetic at best, but frozen now into attitudes of complete boredom, The details can appear before the subject for variety: Alarmed by the prospect of an early test, the class Usually the best details to add are picture and sound effect details or those that suggest feeling.

Instead of just having an appositive like in 1 , you want something that adds emotion and feeling. Verb forms are especially powerful. Expanding the Verb The class read, listlessly at first, and then with growing interest, the day's assignment.

Expanding the rest of the sentence 1. Holmes, the manager, a huge man with a flattened nose and beady eyes. The class read the assignment, a full chapter, with a dismaying number of difficult-looking statistical tables. Holmes, the manager, flat-nosed, beady-eyed, on guard every minute. The class read the assignment, a full chapter, dull, difficult, statistic-packed. Holmes, the manager, who gave me one alert, suspicious glance and then ignored me. Remember, a sentence is a thing of movable parts, an endlessly adaptable structure that is completely subject to the writer's will, shrinking or expanding to fit the sound and sense he chooses to give it.

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4) When writing an essay, a full thesis should be followed as much as possible, but it is possible to have some leeway. The thesis should only be used as a guide since there should always be creativity in a paper.

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Whether an essay is long or short it will have this structure, and you can learn specific techniques for writing each of the three major structural parts and relating them to one another. Once you have mastered this structure you are ready for the really exciting part of writing: the study of style. That begins in the next chapter.

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In terms of writing an essay, a more detailed opinion (more than just a “yes or no” answer) is preferred. This makes the topic more interesting to read and forces the writer think in a less general perspective. And The Lively Art of Writing is the perfect guide to the mastery of this essential skill. It will answer all of your questions, provide you with the best techniques, and offer important information about/5(76).

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The Lively Art of Writing Chapter 1 Note the non-biblical perspective. To communicate To share knowledge, ideas, and feelings Purpose of all writing Beware of what hinders communication The Essay Essay- written expression of its author’s opinion Blends fact with imagination and knowledge with feeling—BALANCE! Purpose- to express an . Art- Art is a way of life, life resembles this art, but art rarely has to do with life, so look at it- enjoy it- and don’t spend your life trying to understand what .