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Essay about the United Nations

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❶Therefore, it is necessary that all the countries of the world should try their best to strengthen the U. He is the head of the United Nations Secretariat.

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The New Internationalism: The Fact and the Response
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The most surprised are the death of the child has been dropped dramatically. About billions of people finally gained access to an improved drinking water source.

They can drink a healthy water instead of pollution water. Disease like malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis can be reduced. It saved many people in the world. Plans are now being made within the United Nation system to ensure that sustainable development goals can be met, as well. At the Climate Summit in September at UN Headquarters in New York, global leaders from government, business, finance and civil society came together to announce bold commitments to eight action areas in the fight against climate change.

Agreement about the universal climate has been signed in Paris. The agreement provides a pathway forward to limit temperature rise to well below 2 degrees, maybe even 1. Humanity may face a grim future if urgent action on climate change by the international community been ignored. Maintaining international peace and security, United Nation makes all its work more effective and efficient because by keeping the peace, the organization can finally focus on solving the global issues, instead of resolving conflicts among the people in this world.

Unfortunately, recent peace and security challenges in areas force the organization to limit its presence have tested its ability to maintain the peace. Place that United Nation presence it has come under attack. The UN try to maintain international peace and security in a world where security threats now become more complicated. Although the organization has more success but it also faced a challenge that makes them unsuccessful.

Hundred thousand of people have died around the world as conflict have recently mounted. UN as a relatively soft target has been the victim of attacks resulting in the tragic loss of life. With the complicated installation and growing cost of handling the crisis situation, the imperative of conflict prevention is higher than before. The decolonization of Africa was a priority for the UN during the middle of the twentieth century.

With the completion of the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nation is now with the help Africa framing a development path to a more sustainable future. To help Africa to achieve their goal which is to develop their country to more sustainable, institutional support has been provided by United Nation to High-level Committee of African Heads of State and Government.

More sustainable development goal, especially to the development of the same position of Africa. To increase collaboration and strengthen coherence in delivering system-wide support to Africa, coordination support has been provided through the interdepartmental task force on African and the Regional Coordination Mechanism. Day by day United Nation continues to support the effort to make African live in peace and security support. Implementation of Human Rights Strategy for Africa and improvement of electoral management and monitoring always viewed by the United Nation.

Making Africa more peaceful and secure and take care human right will help to create an environment in which development can evolve in the form of sustainable development. Africa can then build on the progress it has made in implementing the MDGs. They can improve the lives of its people by taking care of their human right. On November , secretary general has renewed the commitment of Secretariat of United Nation, agency, fund and program to uphold the responsibilities that were given to them.

It was given by Charter of United Nations, the Security Council and the General Assembly when there are threats of serious and massive human rights. Nowadays, a number of people affected by the humanitarian crisis has been slowly increasing day by day.

United Nation and its member continue looking forward to humanitarian needs and emergencies from conflict or global challenges such as climate changes and environmental degradation. They mobilizing and coordinating effective and principled humanitarian action and facilitating sustainable solutions. As we can see the past year several deplorable humanitarian benchmarks. Over 76 million peoples from 31 countries needed help or assistance from others. Over 51 million of people were displaced by conflict.

It was the highest number since the World War II. UN classification for the most severe large —scale humanitarian crises is called Level 3. It was dominated by six level 3 emergencies and Ebola crisis. Due to the international peace and security, economic and social progress and development, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, United Nation continuously focus on the justice and international law around the world.

One of the missions of the United Nation is to uphold the rule of law at the national and international level. Respect the rule of law is basic core to achieve peacefulness after the various conflict for the effective protection of human right.

To strengthen the rule of law, General Assembly and the Security Council play essential roles in supporting the Member States. Arms restrictions and disarmament has been discussed and negotiated at the United Nations during this few years.

This had caused the weapons agreements, conventions, and resolutions that lead to international action on nuclear weapons and conventional disarmament. The uncontrolled conflict has strengthened trade, nurtured regional instability, conspiring with violations of the Security Council arms embargo and weaken attempt to promote socio-economic development. Training, technical and legal assistance and other capacity-building measures have been continues provided by Office for Disarmament Affairs of the Secretariat and its three regional centre to improve the control of small arms and light weapons, combat the spread of illicit arms and promote the effective enforcement of Security Council Resolution It is to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction to non-State actors.

Main priorities for the Organization is to eliminate the nuclear weapon and other weapons of destruction and nuclear non-proliferation. Therefore, the Organization is still promoting a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction. Drug trafficking, organized crime and terrorism are difficult issues to confront.

It was dedicated to specific individuals around the world who had been attacked, injured, traumatized or lost their lives during the terrorist attacks.

UN member state continuously increasing theirs coordinating efforts to combat terrorism and continue the work norm setting their laws through General Assembly. Besides, UN Counter-Terrorism Committee is working to enhance the ability of United Nations member states to avoid terrorist acts both within their borders and across regions.

Secretary-generals usually come from countries considered small- to medium-sized neutral powers, are career diplomats, and serve no more than two five-year terms. He is the eighth secretary-general. He was born in the Republic of Korea on 13 June Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of Korea, who took office on 1 January Secretary-General is also Chairman of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination CEB , which brings together the Executive Heads of all UN funds, programs and specialized agencies twice a year in order to continue coordination and cooperation in the whole range of number of substantive issues and management.

Ban Ki-Moon said as he grew up in war and during that period he was seeing United Nation has helped his country a lot to recover and rebuild. It was the greatest experienced that pursued him to further his career in public service. He was determined to see the organization deliver peaceful, development and human right to the world.

Ban Ki-Moon has shown his credibility in many areas such as:. Through the five-point plan, has given secretary general to rejuvenate the disarmament agenda. Secretary General of United Nation introduced new measures aimed at making this organization more transparent, effective and efficient. Heightened financial disclosure requirement, compacts with senior managers, harmonization of business practices and conditions of service, the adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards and continued investment in information technology and staff development are some of the measures.

He is the head of the United Nations Secretariat. Each secretary-general handled his administrative responsibilities differently. Maybe the ways of organizing its strategy and so on. If the administrative is going well and smoothly, the development of the country will increase year by year. So, public citizen in that country will get benefit from the development.

An important aspect of the recruitment process involves persuading of members to fill vacancies. Then secretary general will negotiate with the Security Council and the General Assembly to ensure wide regional representation. A person who in charges in human resource must be a responsible person. So he is the want that will take care of people in each of the countries. So the citizen will get their right as the citizen.

Secretary General also bears the responsibility to overseeing the peacekeeping missions. He is responsible for keeping the world peaceful and always in security. Although the General Assembly or the Security Council may start or initiate peacekeeping, operational controls are located at the Secretariat. Secretary General is the person that will keep peaceful in each of the countries.

Without peaceful, people will live in misery. So if the Secretary General full fill responsibility as a leader, I am sure their country will live in peaceful and public citizen will live happily.

Secretary-General of UN will immediately play their role between parties if conflict arises. Secretary-General uses its liberty and equality as a head of global organization to avoid and stop the spread of the conflict. The leader is someone that do the right thing and make people do the right thing too. Leadership is a very important quality that must have in Secretary General.

It is to determine the efficiency of the Secretariat. Once you declared yourself as a leader, you must have this characteristic.

Leadership is importance because without leadership, the organization cannot be organized smoothly. They might be some conflict or problem in the organization. As we know in this organization there are many religions so leader responsible for bringing out the peace between people even different religion. That is what leader should do, not only managing the structure of the organization but also take care of their people.

Secretary General must have a skill to communicate well in various languages. This is because when its country having a conflict, Secretary-General must represent the country to solve the problem. So communication is very important, not only for Secretary General but also us as the netizen. So if there is a general meeting, the communication will go well and smoothly.

Secretary must responsible for himself and also their people. He must take care of the human right even it seems difficult. All people in the world depend on him to bring peaceful in the countries. Secretary General cannot be selfish for example just take care of himself and ignores his people.

As a Secretary General or leader that represent the countries, responsibility is very important because without responsibility each country cannot develop to the highest level.

When errors are discovered, it becomes our obligation to correct them. It is morally, politically and legally wrong to do so. The Organization has competent bodies, such as the Special Committee on decolonization or the International Court of Justice, which should look into the matter. The Netherlands -— the former colonial Power —- should recognize its share of the responsibility in helping to resolve the situation of West Papua in a peaceful and transparent manner.

Another example is the Republic of Paula who surely believes that the UN will strive hard to embrace the remaining non-member nations around the globe. And in this aspect, they hope that the UN will change his rigorous attitude towards developing countries.

Besides this, they are confident that these goals at a certain extent are achievable like through the help of UN reforms. Moreover, there were issues of better managing the in-organization matters such as security, funding, and so on.

Thus, all these mayhem led people such as Annan to come up with some solid say that would, at least on the surface, guarantee the impartial role of the United Nations in the world and the through some solid reforms. As such Annan came up with the three major areas that needed to be redefined for the better operations of the United Nations. One was done by the committee he appointed [in ] to propose U.

The second study was about how to meet goals set five years ago for reducing world poverty in half by twenty fifteen. Senate majority leader and a co-chairman of the Task Force on the United Nations, which was created by the U. Congress, said he had encountered objections to American sponsorship of the reforms and had tried to combat them.

While we have indicated that this is an American priority that is a conclusion that they ought to be reaching for themselves. This is an area for more study, to see the Iran ongoing nuclear scenario one would easily conceive the role of the UN in Iran nuclear technology. In this regard, The Irani government countinously accusing the UN.

Paine, Conclusion The United Nations must abandon the double-standard and come up with the peaceful solutions to maintain the security and peace, combat problems such as environmental degradation, diseases and terrorism and guarantee a dialogue among nations.

World Leaders Adopt, In the end, I would like to say that it would be good for the world that the UN must abandon double standards between dominant and developing countries and should come up with peaceful solution for the sake both world security and safety.

The first duty of the UN should assure all countries in terrorism, disease, environmental degradation and so on. Obviously, the developing countries should be giving sufficient help in unburden their foreign debts. The duty of the United Nations is to promote and develop like Somalia and other African regions.

The United Nations should provide equality guarantee to underdeveloped in terms of every thing human rights to politics. Schaefer and Anthony B. Kim July 9, Forging Freedom Coalitions to Promote U.

The United Nations and Globalization: Patterns and Limits of Institutional Adaptation. A critique of the United Nations.

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- The United Nations The United Nations is an organization of sovereign nations not a world government. It provides the machinery to help find solutions to disputes or problems, and to deal with virtually any matter of concern to humanity.

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The United Nations Organization was founded in soon after the end of the Second World War. It is a world body with a large number of sovereign states as its members. Similarly at end of the First World War, the League of Nations was formed.

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Essay on the United Nations Organization. Advertisements: After the First World War, people felt the necessity of an international organisation charged with the task of maintaining global peace. Thus, the League of Nations was the outcome of that feeling, after the 1st Great War. - United Nations The League of Nations now called the United Nations was founded in The League of Nations was composed shortly after the first world war in order to prevent any more wars. The League of Nations collapsed in

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Essay on The United Nations Charter Words | 12 Pages league such as France and Britain, but the United States, who’s President had originally promoted the creation of the League of Nations, ended up not joining after the . “The UN is made up of nations from around the world. It is frequently called the UN. It was established in soon after the Second World War as a means of bringing people together and to avoid war.