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Sex Offenders Essays (Examples)

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❶Rape and molestation are reported on the news and to police agencies with a great deal more consistency than in decades past.

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I. Introduction
What happened?

This law works to put a preventive barrier, to prevent that sex offender from going online to start with. Retrieved from Findlaw at: Supreme Court affirmed this standard of a burden of proof, denying it violated the petitioner Medina's right to due process.

Retrieved from Cornell University Law School at: Supreme Court held that even if the gun went off accidentally, Dean was still liable to the mandatory minimum. Pennhurst State School…… [Read More]. Meagans Law Meagan's Law Questions. Discuss the Precipitating Event After relationship is recognized, the emphasis goes to the family insights of the condition, the sequence of proceedings leading up to the predicament, and the issue that started out the sequence of events Graham-Bermann, S.

Consultations inspect when and how the disaster happened, the causal conditions, and how the family endeavored to covenant with it. Assess Strengths and Needs The Family valuation of strengths and needs start right after and the goes on throughout crisis intervention. The crisis worker will start to draws conclusions that will regard the family's needs and strengths that are related to the present disaster and, with the family, assesses the prospective for recovery Edleson, J.

Client strong suit are tapped in order to make self-esteem better, while also providing skills and energy that is for problem-solving. Classification in Prison Classification Systems Classification systems aid in the minimization of the upheaval of prison violence, institutional delinquency, and break out situations.

During the past several years, professionals in prisons and those that are employed in correctional systems have worked unremittingly in order for them to improvise their recent approaches in the classification of offenders i. In accordance with work, supervision, and programming needs. The process of classification takes place in order to assure the safety of the prisoners and to ensure over classification, there are set criteria's which are followed for this process. There are systematic assessments conducted to make certain the validity of the classifications.

It has been ever since the year of 's that the objective prison classification systems have been widely implemented in countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Early classification systems were largely based on clinical assessments. Human Services Child and Family Welfare. Society previously believed that parents should be provided with the power to decide what they wanted to do with their children and the Bible actually emphasizes that Abraham was unhesitant about sacrificing his son, thus showing that the child was little more than a tool in his hands.

As society progressed children continued to be treated with discrimination and those whose parents were unable to care for them resorted to becoming outcasts constantly in need of basic resources. Society actually promoted attitudes that directly harmed children and saw the opportunity to exploit their vulnerability.

Throughout time children were used as labor and were sexually abused by unscrupulous individuals. While attitudes change during recent centuries, it was not until an Pennsylvania court removed children from the custody of their parents that the…… [Read More]. According to Funnel , there are fundamental problems with the enforcement of certain sex crime laws against minors because they were obviously drafted and enacted mainly to protect minors and not to punish their sexual behaviour.

In that regard, Funnell focuses especially on the issue of the prosecution of teenagers who transmit sexualised photographs of themselves to others as violators of child pornography laws even though those crimes are, essentially, victimless crimes. The author points out that in addition to the nonsensical application of those laws to the class of persons they were originally intended to protect rather than punish, the Commonwealth has exhibited a simultaneous lackadaisical approach to prosecuting sex crimes involving bona fide victims and adult perpetrators, such as…… [Read More].

The article points out through close comparisons that there are marked differences between the impulsive and ritual offender. The most prominent difference is the extreme planning and preparation with regard to the fantasy dimension that characterizes the ritual offender. The article succeeds in explicating this particular type of criminal in terms of the central behavioral characteristics of this type of crime.

The fantasy life of the ritual offence is identified with various aspects of his character. These include the following behavioral…… [Read More]. Moral Dimensions of Punishment Is. Capital punishment, however, does reflect the retributive perspective and is the most obvious modern manifestation of Hammurabi's code. Even so, the moral righteousness of capital punishment is questionable for several reasons. First, capital punishment is illogical and hypocritical.

If killing another human being is wrong, and if the state kills human beings, then the state is committing a wrongful act. Second, capital punishment can be considered cruel and unusual. Third, capital punishment precludes the state from promoting positive moral values in favor of a perceived increase in public safety.

Whether public safety is increased by the use of capital punishment is also questionable. For the most part, capital punishment is used "solely for symbolic purposes," Turow, cited by Stern, Capital punishment is the epitome of revenge-based, retributive justice. It would seem that even if revenge were morally just, that the state would have no justifiable role in exacting revenge. Juvenile Court Juvenile criminal justice system has enforced laws, which govern the rules for determining whether a juvenile criminal is eligible for a sentence or a counseling period is mandatory to alter the behaviors of such individuals.

This system has been effectively placed for children less than the age of 21 who have reportedly committed crimes in various forms such as sex offenders; murderers etc. In this essay, a case study of one of the most fierce juvenile crime acts have been presented which explains a situation where the juvenile criminal was at first ordered to be treated as an adult for the sentence purposes due to committing first degree of the crime.

However, later due to his…… [Read More]. Rawlinson Case We Background - Dianne Rawlinson, a female citizen of the state of Alabama, applied for a job as a state prison guard, but was rejected because she failed to meet a state requirement that all prison guards must be at least 5' 2" tall and weigh a minimum pounds.

Additionally, a state regulation prohibited women from serving as guards in maximum security institutions because that position would require direct contact with male prisoners. It took into account national statistics that outlined the comparatives heights and weights…… [Read More]. Capital Punishment Both Sides of. Not only does that solution clog the prison system with additional inmates, it adds tremendously to prison costs.

Thus, keeping inmates on death row simply adds to the taxpayer's costs and creates additional crowding in prisons that are already reaching the breaking point in inmate capacity. Many studies also indicate that capital punishment is a strong deterrent in violent crimes. Two authors note, "A leading national study suggests that each execution prevents some eighteen murders, on average" Sunstein, and Vermeule. Thus, the most heinous criminals are being punished for heinous murders and crimes.

They are punished for their actions, but their executions also save other lives that might be taken if they returned to their streets.

Opponents say these criminals would remain behind bars for the…… [Read More]. Childhood Intimacy Problems Serve as. Other determining factors influencing long-term affects of abuse to a child include: Whether the child's mother is supportive and child can confide in her.

Whether the child's experiences success at school Whether the child has nurturing relationships with peers. Childhood intimacy problems and sexual abuse, interacting with family background, contribute the child's developing self-esteem and sense or "world" mastery being disrupted. Sexual Abuse "Signs" Effects of early sexual abuse, which include childhood intimacy problems, last well into a person's adulthood and effect their relationships, family and work.

Individual symptomatology tends to be reflected into the following four areas: Low self-esteem, depression, self-destructiveness…… [Read More]. Megan's law was formed in order to make information accessible to the people concerning registered sex crooks. This law was formed after the murder of Megan Kanka. Various countries decided their own way to access information and how to disperse the information among the public. The information, which is commonly collected, is the crook's name, address, photograph, imprisonment date, and the level of crime.

This information can be easily accessible by the public on public websites that can be accessed free of cost. This information can also be available in newspapers, or pamphlets can be distributed which contain this information, or several other ways can be used to disperse the information about sex crooks Fodor, Megan's law is also known as the Sexual offender Jacob Wetterling , which is Act, and needs the individuals which are found guilty for sex crimes done with children to inform local law bodies…… [Read More].

The increase in juvenile sexual offenses has contributed to the need for professionals to develop effective means to respond to these crimes. Moreover, this recent trend has contributed to numerous studies on juvenile sexual recidivism. According to the findings of studies conducted since the early s shows that a huge portion of sexual offenses against children are carried out by those below 18 years Wind, , p.

Based on these recent statistics, juvenile sex offenders continue to pose a huge problem for the law and society. Public Safety and Privacy Analysis.

In the hearts and minds of most of the public, perhaps even in the hearts and minds of most legislators and judges, convicted sex abusers exist within a particular category of their own.

They are seen as living beyond the pale of common morality and decency. No parent would want to knowingly live near a convicted sex offender. However, how should the law, which is supposed to be cool and dispassionate, deal with the issue of the need for public safety and protection with the rights of the individual, regardless of the crime that individual has committed?

The question arose in the case Connecticut Dept. Of Public Safety v. Doe which was heard…… [Read More]. Sexual Addiction Results From an.

They need a supportive, stable person in their lives. If the child is abused, he or she is missing a key part of their development. They continue to grow up believing that they are alone. Not only is this feeling brought on by abuse but if a parent dies or the child is torn between a divorce, the adult can still feel abandoned.

Sex fills that void, the individual feels that he or she is wanted and is being taken care of for the duration of the act. Afterwards, they find themselves alone and are once again on the prowl for another conquest.

But sexual addiction doesn't arise only from sexual abuse or from inadequate parental love. Nymphomania -- or "Don Juanism -- can result from a condensation of the striving for sexual satisfaction coupled with the need to reassure one's self-esteem Kornblu, , pp.

These constant sexual escapades…… [Read More]. Criminal Justice the Use of. Officers simply enter information on these cases and the program attempts to make possible connections to other entered data. Clearly this program increases understanding of criminal typologies because it allows a law enforcement agency to find patterns in behavior across numerous jurisdictions. More so, it is an easy and efficient method of tracking criminals, including sex offenders, especially in cases that have gone unsolved for numerous years.

Modus Operandi Database Modus Operandi, which means, "mode of operation" is used to describe a criminal's characteristic patterns and style of going about their criminal acts. It is often used in offender profiling as tracking the modus operandi often leads to clues involving the offender's psychology.

A modus operandi database merely collects and organizes information on modus operandi, allowing law enforcement agencies to make connections to other agency information. Such database programs clearly allows law enforcement agencies to increase their understanding of…… [Read More]. Teen Dating Violence Runs Cuts. Peers exert more influence on each other during their adolescent years than at any other time. Research carried out shows that peer attitudes and behaviors are critical influences on teen attitudes and behaviors related to dating violence.

Friends are not only influential, but they are also more likely to be "on the scene" and are a key element in a couple's social life. Roughly all the adolescent dating violence takes place in the presence of a third party. In teenage relationships, the relationship dynamics often play out in a very public way because a lot of teens spend a large portion of their time in school and in groups.

A boyfriend or girlfriend may act differently when in the presence of peers in a behavior viewed by adolescents as characteristic of a relationship that is unhealthy. For instance, boys in one focus group study said that if a girl hit…… [Read More]. A court-ordered sanction that puts the offender back into the community but under the supervision of a probation officer. Probation can be assigned to follow jail time provided good behavior while incarcerated , and it may include having the offender pay a fine, do restitution, and perform community service activities as well www.

Probation Social Security Number the. In other circumstances, the offender should be directed towards more traditional means of punishment. Conclusion Split sentencing has been part of the criminal justice system since the beginning of incarceration programs, and shock probation programs, a form of split sentencing, have been in use for more than 50 years.

There is significant debate about the efficacy of these programs, because some so-called shock probation programs are linked to high rates of recidivism and offender violence, while others are shown to dramatically reduce recidivism. The important thing to keep in mind is that not all programs labeled shock probation programs actually follow the guidelines established in the s for these programs.

Shock probation programs involve the exposure of a defendant to a prison-type environment followed by period of highly monitored probation. However, shock probation programs were never intended to be used on those defendants who were unlikely to be shocked by…… [Read More]. Prison Life and Recidivism Generally Recidivism in. Prison Life and Recidivism Generally, recidivism in the justice system context entails the tendency amongst former prisoners or criminals to go back to their criminal lives mainly upon release from prison.

In this case, recidivism rates are measured by having a look at the number of former prisoners re-incarcerated within a given time period. It can be noted that in basic terms, high recidivism rates are in most cases associated with increased costs of re-offender arrest and prosecution. Other related costs in this case relate to public safety. The Purpose for Prisons in the U. Justice System Prisons have an existing obligation enshrined in the constitution to avail to inmates a minimal standard of care.

However, it is important to note that in relation…… [Read More]. These cycles occur because often neither therapy nor punishment prevents inmates from repeating their patterns of crime once they are released. This may be partly because our prisons have not always completely thought the therapeutic process through, but it is also partly because of the nature of the types of people who end up in prison.

One of the types crimes the general public is most concerned about involves sexual attacks. The public knows that both pedophiles and rapists tend to repeat their behavior once released from prison.

As a result, many prisons have therapeutic groups for sex offenders. In many cases, the participants choose to attend these groups Swift, Research in Canada on the efficacy of these interventions gave startling results: These charges, if proven true, are likely to carry a sentence that will include some jail time. In the case of year-old Doug Kant, this should be the anticipated outcome. Though Kant's criminal record is clean with respect to child sexual abuse or other sexual misconduct, the act of fondling an underage individual will bring a conviction and the certainty of a period of incarceration.

For Kant, there are several mitigating factors that will impact the severity of his sentence. One that cannot be fully determined using the case data provided is the impact levied by his state of residency.

Every state has its own set of parameters when shaping sentencing decisions. The state-based code of sentencing will help to determine the length of time that Kant would ultimately be relegated…… [Read More]. Awareness about psychology behind domestic violence has been greatly enhanced in recent years, as have legal protections for victims.

However, the courts' major decisions on domestic violence cases have been somewhat equivocal. For example, in the case of Castle Rock v Gonzales, the abused woman filed a complaint against the police department, arguing that it violated her right to Due Process when "acting pursuant to official policy or custom" the police "failed to respond to her repeated reports over several hours that her estranged husband had taken their three children in violation of her restraining order against him.

Ultimately, the husband murdered the children" Castle Rock v Gonzales, , Cornell. In the case, the woman had a restraining order against her husband, prohibiting him from coming near her or her children. However, ultimately the court did not find favor with the defendant since a restraining order is not a property…… [Read More].

Ethics in Criminal Justice Maintaining. A written policy regarding sexual misconduct is imperative, as is stringent hiring practices including applicant screening, adequate supervision, training, and a structured investigative process regarding allegations of sexual misconduct Abner et al. Addressing Sexual Offenses further states that it is necessary to clearly outline the consequences for sexual misconduct as a means of deterring it Abner et al.

Additionally, Addressing Sexual Offenses outlines other strategies which need to be employed to eliminate the possibility of police sexual misconduct including videotaping all officer interactions, requiring strict time reporting, and implementing unannounced spot checks on officer's electronic devices and communication devices Abner et al.

Specific strategies, policies, training, screening, and supervising must be employed to eradicate sexual misconduct by law enforcement officers. Obviously, sexual misconduct by law enforcement officers is a reality and has far reaching implications within a society.

Only by eliminating the behavior, will it be possible…… [Read More]. Forensics and Mental Health. Forensic Mental Health Legislation and Policies The current position on forensic mental health issues when it comes to legislation and policies is a strong one, but there are some difficulties that do not translate well into the probation and parole policies that are currently offered. In other words, there are issues that are not being addressed, and that are allowing individuals with mental health problems who on are probation and parole to slip through the cracks and struggle with their issues on their own Wang, et al.

The high proportion of indigenous offenders is one of the biggest issues that indicates mental health…… [Read More]. Delinquent Anti-Social Behavior In the contemporary world of ours, one of the major problems that the modern society is facing is that of juvenile delinquency.

Unfortunately, this problem is the cause of major suffering, damage and anguish to the sufferers, the person responsible for it and society in general. When delinquency is discussed in a broad context, it encompasses a large number of behaviors that can be considered as norm-breaking. Therefore, the adolescents who adopt such damaging behaviors are regarded as criminally responsible for a number of factors including drug use, aggressive felonies against other people and weapon carrying and handling.

However, the mentioned are just a few examples of delinquency. The off-putting and harmful psychosocial and monetary consequences of criminal behavior in conjunction with its increasing development have given rise to experts' concerns. This is the reason why the recent info regarding delinquency restates the inevitability of these concerns…… [Read More].

Sexual addiction is a disorder that is characterized by repetitive and compulsive thoughts about sex and sexual acts. Like other types of addictions the behavior must have a negative impact on the person so that it leads to issues with the person's social, occupational or legal functioning. The current paper describes sexual addictions, the controversy surrounding their diagnosis, and some proposed diagnostic criteria.

The second half of the paper discusses a treatment plan combining cognitive behavioral therapy and a step program in the treatment of internet pornography addiction. Issues surrounding treatment are also discussed. Sexual addiction is a disorder of intimacy that is characterized by repetitive and compulsive thoughts about sex and sexual acts.

As the disorder…… [Read More]. Child Abuse and Sexuality. In more than cases related to child sexual abuse have been listen in the state-based reports, that have been accumulated by the office of Child Abuse and Neglect U.

Department of Health and Human Services [U. Majority of these cases related to sexual abuse never get registered or reported.

Finkelhor, Ormrod, Turner, and Hamby's conducted a survey a while back in which the sample constituted of parents along with children. The results of the survey were that, in the year before the survey, out of every children 82 have been a victim of sexual abuse Whitaker, The abused child undergoes various problems socially, behaviorally, psychologically and physically.

Psychology Analysis of the crime scene After Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced, he was taken to the Correctional Institution of Columbia, located in Portage; a town in Wisconsin. During his first incarceration year, Dahmer was confined separately in order to keep him physically safe in case he interacted with other prisoners.

With his consent, when the first solitary confinement year was over, Dahmer was taken to a unit that was less secure. Here, he was made to work for two hours each day; he used to clean the ablution block. Apparently, Dahmer adapted well to life in prison, although he had at first been separated from the other inmates.

He ultimately managed to convince the authorities to let him interact more with his fellow prisoners. Dahmer learnt religion from photos and books he received from his father. The Correctional Institution of Columbia even allowed him to go through baptism; it was…… [Read More]. War on Drugs and Its. The community also loses vital members who otherwise would be contributing to it Moore, and Elkavich Just by eliminating nonviolent offenders from the prison population could total prison costs of This has also had tragic impacts upon the health of injection drug users.

This includes the disruption of the provision of health care to injection drug users IDU and increasing risk behaviors associated with infectious disease transmission and overdose Kerr, Small, and Wood Certainly, it makes sense to treat drug addicts out of jail where it will be more effective. Justice Crime and Ethics. Justice, Crime and Ethics Prepping the President: Today's News and Tomorrow's Solutions. In prepping the president on the topic at hand, significant attention must be paid to the use of rehabilitation in corrections, which has proven itself effective in rehabilitating criminal offenders in a way that allows them to regain a productive life for the remainder of their sentence and beyond.

In viewing the status of criminal rehabilitation as well as the programs and policy considerations…… [Read More]. Pattern Case Study Fact Pattern. The issues, problems and recommendations The subject matter of the case study itself highlights a number of issues, factors and problems that existed at the Mermon Correctional Institution, which is located outside the Washington D.

Supreme Court prohibited the death penalty for rape in an offense where the victim had the legal status of an adult since she was 16 years old and married. In the past few years, there have been attempts and efforts that support the reinstatement of capital punishment for committing a non-homicide sex crime.

These efforts have primarily been…… [Read More]. Megan's Law Sex Offenders Are. When the public is notified of a sexual offender moving into a neighborhood, they are often ostracized, which may exacerbate their problems and increase their risk of reoffense. This clearly has the opposite effect of Megan's Laws intended goals. Instead of protecting citizens, the laws may cause a higher recidivism rate.

Because of the fear of being ostracized, or even harmed, by a community, sexual offenders may purposely move to communities that are less organized. Their initial hope may be to simply avoid the ostracization from Megan's Laws. However, once they've gone unnoticed in a community, these offenders may be more tempted to commit another offense, because they feel like they've…… [Read More].

Sex Offender Civil Commitment Civil Rights or Societal Rights Civil commitment is a legal process typically introduced into society for the mentally ill, or those individuals whom the Court or other professionals believe are a danger to themselves or others.

Society realizes that, at times, an individual may pose a danger to themselves or to society and be unable to make rational decisions. In fact, in most jurisdictions in the modern world, involuntary commitment procedures are specifically applied to individuals who have manifested some form of serious mental illness that acts to impair their reasoning to such extent that they are unable to make cogent and logical decisions.

Involuntary commitment may have, in the past, been used in certain situations, inappropriately, but the statutory criteria that indicates…… [Read More]. Criminal Justice Sex Offender Regulations. The website explained that the law's necessities turned on a person's finding of guilt alone a fact that a person had already had a procedurally protected occasion to challenge.

Even if the person could show that he was not liable to be presently harmful, Connecticut had determined that the registry knowledge of all sex offenders had to be openly revealed. The offender had relied only on procedural due process, not on the substantive part of the Fourteenth Amendment's safeguards. In a decision the judgment was reversed. In an opinion by ehnquist, Ch. Protecting the Community From Sex Offenders. Mental health workers offered mixed support for the treatment program.

A rape crises advocate and support counselor suggested that diverting offenders out of the criminal justice system denied the victims the closure that they needed to move on with their lives.

However, two psychiatrists indicated that they believe that treatment programs can be effective, and that treatment is the appropriate course for mentally ill offenders, rather than incarceration.

In addition, because they work with mental commitments, they indicated that both of them have already participated in civil commitments for pedophilic child molesters who offended within the family group, and indicated their belief that the civil commitment process actually made it easier for the victim to begin the work to repair his or her life.

Finally, it is important to consider the criminals. More than in almost any other area, the idea of possibly indefinite civil commitment for those who sexually…… [Read More]. Treatment of Sex Offenders the. When one looks at the occurrence of recidivism in offenders who have partaken in treatment programs varying from organic programs to those geared to more social and emotional support programs, it becomes clear that recidivism of sexual re-offense is relatively low, compared to those who undergo no treatment program.

However, there is still an issue with non-sexual re-offense. In addition, there is evidence that the contributing factors for adult and juvenile offenders are different. As such, it is suggested that not all offenders should receive the same treatment. As such, blanket policies that deem all offenders as 'high risk' are neither effective nor efficient. In addition, it may take away resources from those who truly need it, such as juvenile offenders who require longterm…… [Read More].

Media reports on the number of children killed in recent years fuel this concern, including reports where a sex offender who has been released from prison at the end of his sentence takes and kills another victim.

Various states have passed new laws and added restrictions on sex offenders as a result, and one of the issues now concerns notification, meaning whether the neighbors of a released sex offender should be told that the offender is living among them. Traditionally, parole or release from prison has been a matter kept between the offender and the state, and the people in the community are not told where released sex offenders are living. Because of the notoriety accompanying some recent cases, the public now demands to be told when a sex offender is living in the community.

Offender Re-Entry Program Proposal. Offender Reentry Program Proposal The concept of offender "reentry" is beginning to take the corrections world by storm -- a much overdue storm.

Reentry is the process of prisoners reentering society after a period of incarceration in a prison, jail, or detention facility. But it doesn't signify just "letting them go. It means that they are much better off at the time of release than at the time of their admission.

Anderson, S It suggests that their period of community supervision will contribute to their crime-free lifestyle. An estimated , youth are released from secure and residential facilities every year and because the length of incarceration for juveniles is shorter than for adults, a relatively greater percentage of juveniles return to the community each year.

In addition, research indicates that a small percentage of juvenile offenders commit the overwhelming majority of…… [Read More]. Commercil sex brothels in the towns of Delhi, Mumbi, Pune nd Kolkt feture young girls believed to hve been kidnpped from Nepl, ccording to the rticle. There re n estimted fifty brothels in Pune, nd mny of them re reportedly owned by dult women from Nepl. In those 50 brothels there re bout Neplese girls working in sexul slvery, the rticle sserts.

This informtion comes through report tht ws intended to get the medi interested in reporting these terrible crimes. Hwii mn chrged with sex trfficking t Super Bowl. A mn who is lleged to be pimp from Hwii is being chrged with bringing teenge Hwiin girl to the Super Bowl in Mimi -- nd llegedly used her to mke money. Fred Collins…… [Read More].

Treatment Programs for Sex Offenders esults of studies are inconclusive as to how often convicted sex offenders re-offend once released from prison. Bialik, However, Wisconsin psychologist Dennis Doren states, "There is no research support for that view, period.

Bialik, If even half of the convicted sex offenders are likely to commit a similar crime once released, the number is too high. One way to reduce the number of repeat offenders is to mandate participation in a treatment program.

Once an offender is convicted of a crime, their Constitutional rights should be suspended. They should lose the free will that they enjoyed as a free member of society. As such, they should be required to undergo treatment for sexual assault. It should not even…… [Read More]. Offender Tracking Systems Have Been. Despite these constraints, GPS-enabled tracking systems stand to promote public safety. In this regard, Schwabe and his associates report, "etter technology for offender tracking has the potential to increase public safety by making information on offenders easier to share and utilize" , p.

These types of surveillance systems, though, introduce new privacy concerns, even for offenders, given the fundamental constitutional rights that are involved. As Schwabe et al.

As a result, they represent another case where the use of a technology by law enforcement must be balanced against individual rights and the resulting potentially conflicting public perceptions of the activity" Schwabe et al. While the debate over civil liberties vs. Offender Profiling Essential and Effective. When gathering information it is important to document and standardize every step of the process.

This will alleviate any complications when categorizing behaviors or activities and will ensure that all participants in the process are on the same playing field. For decades, many individuals accepted new standards of security that might infringe upon their rights as citizens to freely travel, assemble and speak, yet more recent protests have been leveled against law enforcement and security measures as…… [Read More].

These strategies should focus on parolees' risks and need and conducted in a way that would motivate change. Aware of these realities, States continue to innovate and evolve reentry strategies towards this end Yahner et al. The RI was a particularly ambitious correctional program in that it targeted the most difficult offenders for rehabilitation and incorporation into the community.

These are young offenders with violent criminal histories, who are likeliest to be excluded from reentry assistance. The RI develops and implements individual plans to reintegrate chosen offenders back into society. This was the Controlling Violent Offenders Program. Efforts begin during their incarceration and continue when they are released into the community through a focused approach by a mentor.

Case workers and mentors conduct varied programs to support their transition. These include social services in substance abuse and mental health disorders and vocational services for training, education and resume development for…… [Read More]. Discrimination Against High Risk Sex. If police, along with others in society, perceive high risk sex offenders as humans who possess the potential to be rehabilitated, then incidences of possible discrimination against these individuals might decrease.

Even though the researcher never generally cared about how high risk sex offenders felt, the conviction that discrimination is wrong over-rode the researcher's non-committal, and in turn, spurred the determination to expose the problem of discrimination in this area.

Not only does the researcher hope to expose the problem of discrimination shrouding a population the majority in society would prefer not to deal with, the researcher also hopes to perhaps offer a possible solution; a tinge of hope for a brighter future of fewer incidents of sexual offences against young ones in society.

Offenders The career criminal A career criminal is a person who repeatedly participates in criminal acts for both a constant and central source of income DeLisi, A career criminal uses crime as their only source of income, and they will commit offenses on a regular basis even after they have been released from prison.

No form of rehabilitation can help a career criminal because they have antisocial behaviors and they refuse any form of rehabilitation. The career criminal continuously commits offenses and even with the best criminal justice system, they are never rehabilitated. This causes a major problem to the correctional facilities because career criminals lead to overcrowding of prisons. Since these criminals have amassed many sentences, the judicial system is forced to sentence them to life imprisonment.

The main reason been the short prison terms the offenders have been given before have had no effect, and giving them…… [Read More]. Unfairness of Sex Offending Laws. Current laws that govern sex offences are placed under scrutiny for their potential unfairness towards those convicted.

Often, these laws are excessively harsh against those who do not pose a current danger to public safety. There are few things as dire to the public mind as sex offences. Hence, current laws are as harsh as possible to protect what is perceived as the safety of the public and its most vulnerable members, children.

For this reason, the Internet sex offender databases were created. At the basis of these is Megan's Law, which specifically requires a state to make neighbors aware when violent sex offenders move into their community Sheeres, The law has been enacted in honor of Megan Kanka. She was a 7-year-old girl from New Jersey who was raped and murdered in The perpetrator was a twice-convicted child molester. He moved into…… [Read More].

Criminal Justice Sexual Offender Legislation. But there is ample evidence, as documented in our recent report that unfettered access to registries can and does lead to extensive harassment and sometimes violence against former offenders Fellner, Highly publicized cases that deal with the abduction, rape, abuse, and murder of young children have led federal and state governments to introduce new laws that require stricter punishments, requirements, and prohibitions for sex offenders.

Increasingly rigorous and over-inclusive necessities for sex offenders are almost unanimously accepted and easy for legislators and politicians to support because they are popular among the general public.

As Congress passes law after law cracking down on sex offenders, experts and officials question whether the requirements of those acts even work to achieve the goals of legislators Farley, The most recent act, the Adam Walsh Act AWA , raises many questions as Congress again expands punishments and requirements of sex offenders.

Assessment and Treatment of Criminal Offenders. Treatment of Criminal Offenders As a clinician, how can you apply the knowledge you gained from this course to more effectively serve your clients? A connection has been established by researchers between brutal and violent susceptibility to impair a particular area of the brain. Till date, several evidence, have assisted to bring into limelight the shady aspect of human attitude and might pave the way for important interference.

For instance, several types of spontaneous aggression might be a result of defective balancing of emotion within the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the centre of superior intellectual activities like judgment, analysis and substantial control of impulses.

The degree of malfunctions in the core circuits of the brain related to aggressive behavior and if these circuits are capable of being repaired is of course debatable. The racist fantasies and unusual interest in sexual activities in the developing countries along with poor law enforcement have made way for sex tourism.

Though some may have exaggerated the magnitude of this immoral industry, more than one million children are trapped inside this trade every year Vrancken and Chetty, The Paris Agreement for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic Agreement , the first of its kind, aimed at protecting female children and others who were forced to go abroad for sex trade.

It operated through border watching, supervising agencies and repatriating or employing the girls Vrancken and Chetty, Then other national and international laws…… [Read More].

Shoud Sex and Violence on. Televised violence can in some cases be harmless, mainly because film directors overstress it to the point where it becomes obvious that it cannot possibly take place in real life. The negative effect of televised violence is apparently highlighted by graphicness, as people are influenced to a larger degree if what they see on television is explicit.

Images of blood and gore can be much more harmful when presented in a high-detail vivid nature Potter, and Smith As the level of realness increases, the level of shock also increases, making it possible for viewers to feel as if they…… [Read More]. Juvenile Offenders and Reoffending. For more than one hundred years, states held the belief that the juvenile justice system acted as a vehicle to safeguard the public via offering a structure that enables the rehabilitation of children growing into adulthood.

For example, the states saw them as less blameworthy with a higher capacity for longstanding, true change. Therefore, states have founded a distinct court system especially for the handling and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders along with a separate and different youth-based service delivery system that offers additional aid not found in the adult justice system. The juvenile justice system offers the study of criminal justice an important area to develop proper rehabilitation techniques that will help juvenile offenders and reoffenders find a means…… [Read More].

Psychopathic Female Offenders Female Psychopathy. In the final results of their study, women psychopaths scored higher in the categories "Superficial," "deceitful," "impulsive," and "poor behavioral controls.

A higher prevalence of psychopathy is expected, since severe violence and psychopathy correlates strongly," according to the report. In another journal study, "Psychopathy in Adolescent Female Offenders: Alcohol Use and Sex Crimes.

Social science researchers can use either qualitative or quantitative strategies to develop informed and timely answers to their research questions, but these two approaches involve analyzing fundamentally different data sets.

On the other hand, social science researchers can use quantitative strategies such as observational studies, correlational research, experimental, quasi-experimental and survey designs Neuman, While both qualitative and quantitative research questions seek to gain new insights into a given phenomenon, there are also basic differences between the types of data that are used.

By definition, quantitative research involves the analysis of numeric data in some form while qualitative research uses words, graphics and other data to formulate answers to guiding research questions Neuman, These differences mean that designing a research question from a…… [Read More]. Time to time changes in law as well as crime varies with the intentions to control criminal conduct and mitigate the troubles experienced by victimized people.

Sexual exploitation is one such classification of wrongdoing that has been stamped by intense changes in public perception and enactment of laws. How legislation has led to an increase in number to sexual offenders? Offenders of sexual crimes are wholly abhorred, loathed, and seen as risks to the society at large who need to be bolted up and held under reconnaissance.

Following the huge publicity of cries…… [Read More]. Offenders the Ritualistic Offender Causes. This is portrayed in the unequal bargaining power that exists in the various sexual encounters in the societies that are increasingly patriarchal.

The fact that the traditional male privilege has continuously faded away through time has resulted in the increasing use of violence in order to ensure that women are put women "in their place" as indicated by Sheffield The resulting fear of violence has therefore made women to modify their way of living since they are depraved of certain fundamental freedoms.

From Concealing to Confronting Sex Abuse. Concealing to Confronting Sex Abuse It is one thing to consider child sexual abuse from the perspective of the criminal offender.

Sexual abuse almost certainly qualifies as an anti-social behavior that is transmitted from generation to generation. Although this issue was not discussed in any of the articles, there is simply far too much evidence that child sexual abusers are very likely to have, themselves, been abused as children to ignore the idea that this behavior is transmitted from generation to generation, abuser to victim.

In fact, child sexual offenders seem to have a modified version of the subculture of violence, but the subculture is actually one of sexual violence towards children. In this isolated culture, the sexual victimization of children is normalized. In fact, the offender may minimize the damage that he experienced at the hands of his…… [Read More].

Treatment of Women Offenders The. CAEFS takes the position that women with mental health problems do not belong in prisons and that the treatment, support and assistance they need should be provided to them in the community, rather than in prison. Recommendation 2 The above statement clearly outlines central problem areas that should be the focus of investigation. As this study and others emphasize, women who enter prison with mental issues and problems require intensive support.

However, this is at present not the case and many women prisoners who suffer from mental problems are not afforded the necessary support and adequate intensive therapy. Some critics also suggest that alternatives be investigated for women with mental issues. The public need for the appearance of retribution may deter government from considering alternatives to sentencing persons with mental disabilities to imprisonment. Premature Sexualisation Public hysteria or "sex panic" involving the "sexualisation" of children may be getting a decent outing in Australia at the present moment, but it is certainly nothing new: The more recent alarmism -- typified by Emma Rush and Andrea La Nauze's discussion paper on the "sexualisation of children" in the media, or Miranda Devine's predictable whipping-up of outrage over the ill Henson photo exhibition -- is nothing new in this regard.

At this point, the new youth-related sex scandals can barely keep up with advances in technology, as the Saint Kilda's schoolgirl suddenly resorts to apologizing via YouTube, after conducting a…… [Read More]. Biological Sex Violence the Role. Therefore, the presence of high levels of testosterone is often thought to be one of the most influential hormones on criminal behavior and would explain why men are disproportionately involved in more criminal behaviors than women.

Other hormones have also been linked to criminal behaviors as well. For example, low levels of a hormone, known as cortisol, have been linked to offenders that have shown patterns of chronic offending. The reduced amount of cortisol has been shown to decrease anxiety levels. An individual who does not feel any anxiety may be more likely to commit crimes because they would be less likely to let their anxiety about committing a crime stop them before the crime is actually committed.

Therefore feeling anxiety towards committing a crime could stop an individual from committing it, however if a person doesn't have anxiety due to low cortisol levels then the body does not have…… [Read More]. Must Sex Involve Commitment. Relationships are complex and can be complicated by a longing for a lasting commitment.

For this reason, many have opted to simply have sex without any type of commitment sex with no strings attached. Others hold the belief that sex is a pledge to be committed. The purpose of this discussion is to explain why sex must involve commitment.

This discussion will seek to prove that sex should involve commitment. Sex without Commitment Some individuals have the belief that sex without commitment is acceptable and that it will not have adverse affects. They contend that sex without commitment is easier for everyone involved and averts problems that can occur in a committed relationship. Sex without commitment has always existed in some form or another but in recent years, sex without commitment…… [Read More]. The reforming of young offenders.

The use of the concept and practice has emerged in its own right within the juvenile justice realm. The efficacy of restorative justice when it comes to juvenile offenders is a very important topic because being able to top the patterns of crime, addition and deviance in general is something that should absolutely be stopped and regulated early on in an offender's life due to how hard it becomes to do the same as an offender enters and reenters the justice system over the course of their life.

It is important to create and retain a connection between these young offenders and the victims that suffer at their hands so that the connection is not lost and the offender becomes ambivalent or even hostile about the feelings, suffering and toil that their crimes take…… [Read More].

Executing Female Offenders and the. Other factors, however, indicate greater complexity. Women are less likely to represent or possess these characteristics than men and, therefore, subsequently are figured less often on Death Row. However, it is also very likely that simple sexism plays a part. This is particularly likely when it is seen that those tending more towards the death penalty - i.

In fact, these groups have sometimes even prominently militated against women receiving the death sentence, as was the case with Pat Robertson and…… [Read More]. Internet Sex Offenders Today's technology has allowed for many great advances in society that allow for great benefit and good. The internet and instant communication abilities have provided new landscapes for the human species to evolve and grow.

The power of technology must be wielded with temperance and wisdom however due to the always present threat of those who wish to prey and feed off the weakness of other people.

The purpose of this essay is to describe specific strategies that are most effective with sex offenders in the community. This discussion will first discuss the newly formed landscape in which criminal justice professionals find themselves in today and how technology has affected their ability to successfully perform their duties.

This discussion will also include ideas about legislation and technology that can be used in the efforts to deter these criminals from committing future sex crimes. Sustained Treatment Can Have on.

The main values that are apparent in this article are first, an empirical adherence and promotion of objectivity in dealing with a topic that is highly fraught with many emotions, and secondly a true desire to bring about the betterment of society and the individuals within it. The authors stress at one point that it is understood that sex offenders can never be "cured' of their impulses, and that an acceptance of this fact is precisely what allows them to be able to learn how to control these impulses and desires in order to refrain from being a danger to society or anyone else in it.

That is, it is through bringing objectivity to bear on the issue that the issue can actually be successfully addressed, and the research that is presented in this article certainly backs this perspective up.

Objectivity and empirical examination, in other words, are some of…… [Read More]. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Psychoanalytical. The therapist encourages openness and honesty on the part of the patient. This parent-like role gives the therapist the power to influence the patient positively, and to interpret his self-defeating behavior and distorted beliefs about reality.

The patient must be able and willing to profit from it. Since offenders are assumed to suffer from denial, lack of motivation to change, and unwillingness to cooperate with voluntary treatment, individual psychotherapy is generally thought to be ineffective.

Suspicion and lack of rapport in the criminal justice context also interfere with effective use of the method. There are few reports on individual psychotherapy with sex offenders against children. Group psychotherapy gives members the opportunity to share experiences, gain insight, learn to control unacceptable impulses, and find acceptance. Although used more commonly than individual psychotherapy, the effectiveness is unknown.

There have been no replicable, controlled studies. One review found that studies were based on…… [Read More]. Megan's Law Is the Common. History of the Law and Federal Facts On the other hand, rights activists and organizations point out that the sexual offender is treated unfairly in a legal sense. As one study on the subject notes, the sexual offender registry is a "… double punishment of sex criminals and is applicable to too many offenses. For example, depending on the area, "sex offenders" can also include those guilty of streaking, burglary, surveillance, and kidnapping" Does the Sex Offender egistry Offend Justice?

This view is also supported by groups like Human ights Watch. They posit the view that while the seriousness of these types of crimes are appreciated, there are a number of variables that have to be taken into account in applying a law like Megan's Law. These include aspects such as the fact that many people are categorized as sexual offenders for relatively minor crimes, and may…… [Read More]. The mpasse Between mproving Enforcement Technology and Eroding Privacy Rights for Convicted Sex Offenders Megan's Law was passed in and immediately ignited a flurry of disagreement, both over its likely effectiveness and over its Constitutional Compliance.

Requiring each state to compile Sex Offender Registries and to provide Community Notification when convicted sex offenders move into a community, Megan's Law is designed to improve child welfare and safety, but also ignites intense disagreement over the preservation of privacy rights. The present research evaluates the role played by technology in the ongoing dispute between public safety and privacy rights. While its advocates perceive Megan's Law as a critical law enforcement tool that can protect communities, families and their children from the dangers of sexual predators, its critics argue that the law violates constitutional privacy rights and prevents previously convicted sex offenders from achieving rehabilitation or effectively reentering society.

Black's Law Dictionary Child. Moreover, it is unclear whether Jim has attempted to reestablish any meaningful contact with his children; rather, his entire focus has been on becoming a better person. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that goal in and of itself it is, after all, a universal human quality , he appears to have pursued this goal to the total exclusion of making any substantive reparations to his family.

Finally, it is interesting that Jim somehow feels compelled to tell others -- including potential employers -- about his criminal past and his current status in treatment, as if this ongoing commitment to all-out honesty somehow absolves him from a deceptive and duplicitous history, or at least helps to explain it which it does if one is interested.

According to Jim, "Entering into society again was very difficult. I had lost my business, my friends and was now divorced. After leaving jail, I…… [Read More]. Marked Increase in the Number. I also predicted that the difference in heterosocial competence between child molesters and non-sex-offenders would be significantly larger than the difference between rapists and non-sex-offenders.

This hypothesis was also supported Dreznick, ,pg The findings of the meta-analysis were consistent with this hypothesis. The author of this meta-analysis concluded that because child molesters have significant problems with heterosocial skills social skills training may assist in the treatment of these individuals.

However the author points out that the treatment of heterosocial skills is only one component of an overall treatment program. Other components of a treatment program may include anger management and increasing empathy for the children that are victimized Dreznick, Additionally the author points out certain limitations of…… [Read More]. Sex Offenders View Full Essay. Does it make us safer? The Paraphilias, Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorder, And The Treatment Of Sexually Deviant Behaviors The paraphilias have actually been mainly disregarded by psychiatry, despite the fact that psychiatrists are preferably matched to deal with and detect these conditions by virtue of their medical as well as mental training.

The sexual variances need an understanding of not only biological but also mental causation and abilities in mental and medicinal sessions. Hendricks promoted the constitutionality of the civil dedication of sexually deviant people for psychological sessions. As the different states embrace statutes based upon Hendricks, psychiatry will be required to take a proactive participation in the medical diagnosis as well as the administration of the paraphillias.

This paper details briefly where the industry is in the comprehension of the natural history, medical diagnosis, and sessions of the paraphilias. An Audit Report on Selected Rehabilitation Programs at the Department of Criminal Justice 3 of 5 programs auditors assessed at the Department of Criminal Justice decreased recidivism re-arrest and re-incarceration rates. A 4th program lowered re-arrest rates however had greater re-incarceration rates; while the 5th program did not minimize either re-arrest or re-incarceration rates.

Daily Trojan 10 Mar Saybrook Forum 9 Mar Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention: The New York Times April 13th. Works Cited Dormin, C. Facts and Fiction about Sex Offenders. Handbook of Sex Offender Treatment. Characteristics of the Internet for criminal child sexual abuse by online groomers.

Criminal Justice Studies 24 1: How risky are social networking sites? Sex Offenders Registries may not be Very Effective. Retrieved April 5, from http: Retrieved April 5, from https: Contact sexual offending by men with online sexual offenses. A Journal of Research and Treatment, 23, Adolescents and Internet Sex Addiction. Sexual Behaviors on the Internet. J Am Acad Psychiatry Law A Journal of Research and Treatment 25 1 3 -- Works Cited Aylwin, A.

Scott, Reddon, John R. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 34 2 , pp. Center for Sex Offender Management. Myths and Facts About Sex Offenders. Office of Justice Programs, U. Ellis, Lee and Harry Hoffman. The Culture of Child Molesting. Duke University Press, An International Comparative Analysis.

Works Cited The Boston Globe. Little, Brown and Company, The Church that Forgot Christ. Review of Empirical Research.. Bulletin of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Finkelhor, D and Russell, D. Review of the Evidence. Child Sexual Abuse Defined.

The professional portrayal of women charged with serious violent crimes. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 4th ed. Work Cited Cahn, Susan. Works Cited Andrade, J. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Works Cited Chesney-Lind, M. Patriarchy, Crime, and Justice.

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While according to statistics, sex offenders are less likely to get arrested for any crime (43% against 68%), they are more likely to commit the same kind of crime – % versus %. An average age of sex offenders’ victims is less than 13, and for rape victims – around

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Sex offenders constitute a heterogeneous group of individuals. The term sex offender describes one who has committed any of a variety of offenses, including rape, child sexual abuse, possession of child pornography, exhibitionism (flashing), and even consensual sex among teenagers.

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Sex offenders outline Lankston January 22, One easy-to-use free nationwide search for sex offender management understanding sex offenses may be enhanced by johnie h. Anyone who uses this web site is the public a 70 blow job access to determine what would constitute a typical criminal. CENTER FOR SEX OFFENDER MANAGEMENT Understanding Sex Offenders: An Introductory Curriculum A Training Curriculum. A Project of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice Section 2: The Nature and Scope of Sex Offending 40 Minutes OUTLINE. Topic Title Duration; TOPIC: The Nature and Scope of Sex Offending.