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What is an explanatory theory in psychology?

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An explanatory researcher would then be interested in the reasons behind these facts. There are many other goals of good scientific exploratory research. They include explaining things in detail and not just reporting. It should build and enrich the reasons behind a theory. If there are several explanations for a particular phenomenon, it should determine which one is the best answer.

If a theory has already been developed, the focus will be on testing a theory's predictions or principles. If the results consistently agrees with the theory, it is valid. If experiments fail to produce the same results as the original theory, in all likelihood the theory is false and a return to the scientific method will need to be undertaken to find a better explanation as to the phenomenon.

Explanatory research also attempts to build and elaborate on theories and add to predictions and principles where possible. This is done by using the scientific method to test the evidence to extend an idea put forth or use it to reach into new areas and issues as well as new topics which science can address in an attempt to improve the quality of life for people.

Science today is a tool to advance technology and improve the quality of life for people all over the world. Explanatory research is one of the primary methods used in this effort and the scope of its use is expanding to fields other than science to achieve predictable results.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Syed Rizwan Ali Shah Hamdani answered. Explanatory Research When we encounter an issue that is already known and have a description of it, we might begin to wonder why things are the way they are. Generally a disciplined protocol is followed to ensure objectivity and reproducibility. Most research employs the scientific method or a similar model. Participants are numbered as they enroll, then they are randomly assigned to either the control or experimental group.

References in periodicals archive? That argument may have some plausibility for exploratory research , but it is not appropriate for well-designed confirmatory research that is attempting to verify previous findings. Beware of inferential errors and low power with Bayesian analyses: High growth of mobile device users market and efforts to support competition by additional educational and entertaining contents that are being installed on them resulted by decisions that are made based on exploratory research.

Modelling of marketing strategies for the single markets vs marketing strategy for the global market: Drawing from his experience, indeed from his lecture notes, teaching qualitative research methods at the doctoral level, Pradad management for literal arts students, Skidmore College, New York argues that neither positivism nor an atheoretical version of exploratory research can provide useful guidelines for qualitative researchers.

Working In the Postpositivist Traditions. Russia, China, Korea and India, gets up close with academia by placing a network of four research labs at university campuses, where faculty, graduate students and Intel researchers work together on exploratory research. The results could be powerful. Also research, allows you to gain appreciation for the practical applications of knowledge that you learn. It's also an excellent preparation tool for college and the workplace. In the workplace is usually where they're looking for outstanding students, who can identify, solve problems in teams.

Also when you do this research you will usually will use the scientific method. Another good reason is that it helps you latter in life as well. What are explanatory and response variables in statistics? Explanatory and Response variables are just fancy words for independent and dependent variables.

Explanatory is the independent variable and response is the dependent variable. What is a explanatory paragraph? An explanatory paragraph is one that makes things easier tounderstand. These paragraphs can make complicated things more clearto children as well. What is the difference between explanatory exploratory and discriptive research?

Exploratory research is non-experimental or "observational study. In other words, you aren't manipulating any of the variables, you are simply "observing" them.

What are the advantages of explanatory research? What is a measure of the explanatory power of the regression model? Regression analysis describes the relationship between two or morevariables. The measure of the explanatory power of the regressionmodel is R2 i.

Why is chronological order important in an explanatory paragraph? Chronological order is important in an explanatory paragraph mostlybecause it makes it easier for the reader to understand. Whentrying to explain a series of events, it makes more sense and makesthe paragraph easier to follow if the events are described in theorder in which they happened.

What is explanatory exposition? An expository writing explains something in great detail. Afterreading an expository, the reader should have learned something newabout the topic.

What is the difference between explanatory and predictive research? Explanatory research answers the questions of "why" and "how" something happened.

It establishes a cause and effect relationship between two variables. Hence, the research explains. An example might be showing a relationship between the increased presence of police patrols in certain cities versus the reduction of crimes Did increased police presence have an effect on robbery crimes in banks and convenience stores, for example?. Predictive research is involved with the forecasting predicting of a likelihood of something happening. This research usually begins with, or leading to, finding what will happen, given that some baseline is already known.

This research usually involves some form of human behavior decision or condition. For example if we know that teens in intercity schools, aged , are prone to high dropout rates, predictive research might assess predict a relationship between age or gender and not graduating from high school.

The purpose of research is to create new knowledge. According to the information given the research methodology books research can be to- 1.

Get a degree in rsearch. What is explanatory writing? Explanatory writing is a type of writing used to present knowledgeabout a given topic. In this style of writing, opinion and point ofview factor heavily in explaining the topic. What is a researcher?

A researcher is someone who works in a specific field that tries and discovers new things or reviews journal articles. In chemistry it is someone working on a project testing a new chemical method. What is an explanatory essay?

An explanatory essay is a writing style in which you go into descriptive details about a certain topic. What are Explanatory variable?

Explanatory or predictor variable: A variable which is used in a relationship to explain or to predict changes in the values of another variable; the latter called the dependent variable. What is an example of explanatory research? In other words, supervision Independent Variable significantly affect safety accident dependent variable. How do you write explanatory paragraghs? Examples of explanatory words? The term 'explanatory words' seems to have various interpretations.

The most common uses the term 'explanatory words' and 'descriptive word' interchangeably. Descriptive words are adjectives and adverbs. I would add the descriptive pronouns, then if you do, you must also add possessive nouns.

She made frosty drinks. He has a red bike. They wore bathing suits. He even made his bed. She stirred the batter vigorously. The quickly hid the comics under the history book.

My house is on the corner. I'll drop by your house tomorrow. Their house is on Main Street. This one is my favorite. You may use that racket. These cookies are for my class.

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Explanatory Research is the conducted for a problem which was not well researched before, demands priorities, generates operational definitions and provides a better-researched model. It is actually a type of research design which focuses on explaining the aspects of your study in a detailed manner.

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Explanatory research is defined as an attempt to connect ideas to understand cause and effect, meaning researchers want to explain what is going on. Explanatory research looks at how things come together and interact.

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The term explanatory research implies that the research in question is intended to explain, rather than simply to describe, the phenomena studied. This type of research has had a contested history in qualitative inquiry, and divergent views of the. Exploratory research is research conducted for a problem that has not been studied more clearly, intended to establish priorities, develop operational definitions and improve the final research design.

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Causal research, also known as explanatory research is conducted in order to identify the extent and nature of cause-and-effect relationships. Causal research can be conducted in order to assess impacts of specific changes on existing norms, various processes etc. An example of explanatory research is a study that is trying to determine whether a variable, circumstances or chance is the cause of dangerous drinking behavior in college. For example, research may look at work habits, home environments, college living arrangements and maturation levels to see.